I am in it deep.
For almost three consecutive weeks I've been alternately whistling, humming, and mumbling all the bars, beats, and lyrics I could remember from that most pop-y of pop songs, "Crush".
YouTube it yourselves please. Am at work and using my phone's 3g connection which costs an arm and half a leg everytime I'm online.

Why were I a teen in the nineties? It's not fair I tell you.
When my dad gets nostalgic and breaks into song, he usually begins with Elvis and ends with Sinatra, passing through The Beatles. The absolute worst he might ever hum is The Carpenters.

Me? I'm stuck between Ace of Base and Jennifer Paige. With a little sprinkling of assorted boy band music on top.

I can't even claim decent Metal or Rock. By the time i hit 16 Metallica had turned "melodic", Megadeth were in the habit of churning out crap, Guns N Roses and Ac/Dc were wayyyy past their prime.
I'm telling you:
The nineties era was a musical wasteland. It seems pretty obvious now but at the time I defended to death such biohazards as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, koRn, POD.
90s music was shite I tells ya, shite.
Except maybe for Alice in Chains and a selection of Nirvana and Soundgarden songs.

Only problem is I actually still LIKE some of those examples of aural buggery.

Starting with "Crush".

--Posted on the run!
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