Moving out!

I'm actually freezing my rump off as of the time of writing.
Moved in to new apartment, bigger, better, more expensive, and somehow with faulty heating system. It is -24 Celsius outside. Around -15 inside. I positively cannot be buggered to convert it to Fahrenheit.

The last three days have been the coldest in my whole life so far. Those Sherpas on The North Face have it easy compared to what we're going through here. At least the buggers have some fuel to burn to stay warm.

I have had permanent brain-freeze for the past three days. Headaches, burning while actually very cold. I am beginning to hallucinate seeing santa claus. This is the true definition of cold, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh and the bloody repairman isn't coming till late next week. Crap onna stick.

If you ever experience indoor frostbite, i know how that feels. Give me a call, I'll help you rehabilitate afterwards.

Cold make me think weird.
Cold make me angry.
Man cook meat with fire dead.


--Posted on the run!

Happy new year. BAH.

I hate new year's eve. I really, really do. Why? I don't really know. Perhaps it's cuz of all the pressure to "have fun" I usually flip out and do something stupid, or perhaps I'm just a big fat grinch.

Screw it all then.

One thing I noticed today: I really dont give a flying hoot what other people think about me. Not really. Not regarding things that really matter.

Am I selfish? No. Am I self-centered? Very much so I'm afraid, or so I believe.

Anyway: happy new year to those of you who wants one, me included.