Good grief I am tired. I am at work at the time of writing, and I am at least three different kinds of tired.

Everyone's at home having fun and sleeping late and just flat-out enjoying the days before the new year, while I am here busting my hump trying to figure out why this damn database isn't automatically reducing itself like it should every six weeks of operation.

Bah! I want food! I want to wake up late! I want to play playstation till my eyes bleed! Alas, I want MUNNY too, and right now that takes higher priority. So I should really just shut up and get on with it.

Stupid databases.

Stupid Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and his stupid songs that I love.

Stupid Little Big Planet.

Scratch that last one. LBP is always full of win and awesome!

Time to go, boss in vicinity.

I wanna go home!!!!!!!!

It's two hours later: I finally figured it out :) the database thing I mean :)

I'm hungry though. Want to feed my face something fierce.

I'll probably be posting this two-three hours from now, while feeling a bit better I guess :)

Day's almost over, one hour left, also the train ride back to Stockholm central is an hour, then it's walking 800 meters to warmth, food, and friendly faces! Hurrah!

I really should get back to work you know. Ta.

--Posted on the run!
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