Mellandag nr.2

My God. It is the 27th already!
It's been snowing almost nonstop for two weeks now I believe, yet life is as normal as can be in this weird beautiful country.
What's new to write about: not much. I have to work next week, I.e. 28th thru 30th. I don't like it but the bills need to be paid and so forth.. Been wanting to see "Sherlock Holmes" as i said long ago it will be good, still excitedly awaiting "The Road" which should be released sometime at the end of January. Excited!

Work? Well, we have to wait and see. Honestly? I always keep a stiff upper lip to the best of my abilities, but sometimes it all feels a bit much. Natural part of the clumsy learning process called Life I guess. :/

I wish the week was ten days long, the day 30 hours. So many things to do, not enough time! I've reached the point in my life where I want to make something to call my own. No, not babies, nooooooooo! I mean, something one can look at, and actually feel proud about. I don't know. Late night rambling is never good for the blog, then again, I don't write much in it anyway so anything should be a welcome change. Amirite? ;)

To be continued, if i have the time.

--Posted on the run!
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