Well, it came to that:
I was hoping not to face the coming year without a job.

What with the crisis being what it is, and us finally finding a suitable apartment with higher rent, of course, and a million other little details that tend to accumulate on each other at the wrong bloody moments.

Sadly I was told my contract will not be renewed as usual. Sigh. I am a tad worried I cannot deny that, and that's basically what's been denying me time from blogging. Job applications, interviews, updating your cv and the usual stuff.
Oh and I was told to my face that it will be very difficult for me to find a job because my name is not Sven or Martin or Anders.
I did contemplate using a pet-form of my name in resumés and interviews and such, but then again, screw that. I never was ashamed of my name, how I look, who I am. And I'll be damned if I start being so now.

Because at the end of the day, when all's said and done and all the interchangeable job people have gone home, that (and my wife, God bless her!) will be the only thing I can really count on.

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom, things are hopefully looking up already. Cannot say more until next year ;) so I'll just write about other stuff.

By the way, it is bloody awful cold. Snow and -15 Celsius. Been so for a week I believe.

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