Games games GAMES!

Tomorrow is my last work day in 2009. Boss told me to contact him early next year so maybe, just maybe, I'll get a chance of extending my contract for a couple of months more.

Today I splurged a bit and got four games I've been almost literally dreaming about since they first came out late 2008/early 2009. See I always wait for a reasonable while before buying anything. Why buy new and full price when there's used and discounted? You get a practically new game for a third or fourth of the retail price.

So anyway I like horror games, a lot. Nothing feels as exhilirating as right after crapping your pants because of a dramatic in-game moment!

Think of the scariest film you saw (No, the Paris Hilton sex tape does not count)
Then imagine it's You. Then and there, low on ammo, health, cookie dough even, and running for dear life from an angry mob that intends to feed you to a school of Mongolian Terror Trout.

Multiply that by four and you'll get the picture.
I love horror games.

So anyway just got a couple of really scary games, and I started playing them back to back!
Even my poor wife got drawn in after a while!

Now? I'm almost afrain to turn off the lights.

Goodnight then!
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