Day 2

By now yesterday's post should be up and running, I published it today right before I left to work.

Today is more of the same, much more! Some minor developments in the software prompted the boss to give a "retest all" signal, and thus I am retesting the same stuff from yesterday, yesterweek, and even yestermonth.

So anyway enough with the yechh, moving along: yesterday I made a life-changing decision: (no, I'm not about to go crazy and turn vegetarian or some other new age crap)
I decided to "completely" cease offering free computer consultations to friends and relatives. Well, not that completely: there is a handful I'm more than willing to help, and that includes YOU.

I've actually been thinking about doing this for the best part of this year, after all the headaches I got from almost everyone I helped or tried to help. People who suddenly -yet so often-switch from "Help us Obi-wan Damluji, you are our only hope"
To "what the hell have you done to my compyooter?"
Yesterday was a case of an acne-riddled relative shouting "ZOMG! You closed my webpages and destroyed my download" which happened to be a hardcore porn movie he had open and streaming, on the same pc his 16 year old sister intended to use after I was done installing shit for her brother.

Usually I could care less what he does to/with himself, or what his sister happens upon due to having a douche for a brother, but in this case I was personally involved, I'm using it, I'm doing him a favor, I play by my rules thankyouverymuch.

So I started fuming, sparks coming out of my ears as I had a flashback of every stupid, mean, humiliating situation I found myself in because I was technically supporting someone who should still be using rotary dial instead of the multitouch thingamajig he cannot tell head nor ass from.
And instead of kicking his ass seven ways from Sunday, I decided that I was done.

However, like I said, I won't be cutting off everyone. So if You need anything tech-wise, do tell please :)

Hopefully this won't be the last post of '09 but just in case:

Party hard! Eat well! Drink much! Drive safe!

The last two are mutually exclusive. Just so you remember.

--Posted on the run! Actually in the toilet, only place I can write where I'm not afraid of sudden onset of Bossbehindyourback syndrome.
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