Lunching at breakfast time, Far Cry 2:

It's half past bloody ten and I'm eating lunch.
Reason? Just finished my job duties for this year, and I WANNA GO HOME!

And I still haven't even had my morning coffee. Scratch that, I'm having it now.

I probably made my pay quota too, see if I work for a certain time period, I get paid a certain amount; if I work longer, I am paid more and so forth.

I am torn between playing psp until half past eleven or just going home now. Sigh.

I'll probably go home. Many things to do, many games to play!
Speaking of which: yesterday I was playing Far Cry 2, a shooter/adventure set in a fictional war-torn African nation.
The reviews mention it as being a good depiction of Africa. And while having a better than average shooting mechanism, it does present you with an Africa so beautiful you almost forget your game character us dying of malaria.
I expected all sorts of things from it, and it didn't disappoint nor surprise me much. One thing surprised me though: It managed to rekindle my love toward the place.
I grew up on Wilbur Smith's bestsellers, and while they all share the same bland pulp-adventure recipe, they also present gloriously beautiful depictions of the African continent.
This is not tourist Africa, rather the place where you can be in a town, then cross a hill and be eaten by lions or trodden by elephants. Raw, malaria-ridden, poacher-infested, war-torn burning beautiful Africa that can kill you as soon as look at you.

That man really loves Africa, and it rubbed off on me.
I outgrew Mr. Smith's books long ago, but surprisingly it seems those teenage feelings are still there somewhere.

I found myself wandering off-route, completely ignoring instructions to kill weapons merchants or save civilians or even hunt for rough diamonds, for just wandering around in the jeep I stole from that European mercenary my character offed.
The sights are a thing of beauty to behold:
Jungles, savannah, shanty towns, rivers with corrugated iron bridges, mountains, brushfires, the people's reactions to you, but the ambient sounds, good god! You sit in the bush waiting for that truck load of mercs to pass you by, and you don't know which is more worrying: them finding you, or the weird sounds coming from the bush right beside you.
Anyway I don't want to bore you more than I should, so just go pick it up if gaming is your cup of tea. Otherwise, boy are you missing out!

Ok peoples, I hope I'll post again tomorrow but just in case:

Happy new year!

Best of everything to you all!

P.s. Lynnette: thank you for your wishes yesterday!uh appreciated!

--Posted on the run!

Games games GAMES!

Tomorrow is my last work day in 2009. Boss told me to contact him early next year so maybe, just maybe, I'll get a chance of extending my contract for a couple of months more.

Today I splurged a bit and got four games I've been almost literally dreaming about since they first came out late 2008/early 2009. See I always wait for a reasonable while before buying anything. Why buy new and full price when there's used and discounted? You get a practically new game for a third or fourth of the retail price.

So anyway I like horror games, a lot. Nothing feels as exhilirating as right after crapping your pants because of a dramatic in-game moment!

Think of the scariest film you saw (No, the Paris Hilton sex tape does not count)
Then imagine it's You. Then and there, low on ammo, health, cookie dough even, and running for dear life from an angry mob that intends to feed you to a school of Mongolian Terror Trout.

Multiply that by four and you'll get the picture.
I love horror games.

So anyway just got a couple of really scary games, and I started playing them back to back!
Even my poor wife got drawn in after a while!

Now? I'm almost afrain to turn off the lights.

Goodnight then!

Day 2

By now yesterday's post should be up and running, I published it today right before I left to work.

Today is more of the same, much more! Some minor developments in the software prompted the boss to give a "retest all" signal, and thus I am retesting the same stuff from yesterday, yesterweek, and even yestermonth.

So anyway enough with the yechh, moving along: yesterday I made a life-changing decision: (no, I'm not about to go crazy and turn vegetarian or some other new age crap)
I decided to "completely" cease offering free computer consultations to friends and relatives. Well, not that completely: there is a handful I'm more than willing to help, and that includes YOU.

I've actually been thinking about doing this for the best part of this year, after all the headaches I got from almost everyone I helped or tried to help. People who suddenly -yet so often-switch from "Help us Obi-wan Damluji, you are our only hope"
To "what the hell have you done to my compyooter?"
Yesterday was a case of an acne-riddled relative shouting "ZOMG! You closed my webpages and destroyed my download" which happened to be a hardcore porn movie he had open and streaming, on the same pc his 16 year old sister intended to use after I was done installing shit for her brother.

Usually I could care less what he does to/with himself, or what his sister happens upon due to having a douche for a brother, but in this case I was personally involved, I'm using it, I'm doing him a favor, I play by my rules thankyouverymuch.

So I started fuming, sparks coming out of my ears as I had a flashback of every stupid, mean, humiliating situation I found myself in because I was technically supporting someone who should still be using rotary dial instead of the multitouch thingamajig he cannot tell head nor ass from.
And instead of kicking his ass seven ways from Sunday, I decided that I was done.

However, like I said, I won't be cutting off everyone. So if You need anything tech-wise, do tell please :)

Hopefully this won't be the last post of '09 but just in case:

Party hard! Eat well! Drink much! Drive safe!

The last two are mutually exclusive. Just so you remember.

--Posted on the run! Actually in the toilet, only place I can write where I'm not afraid of sudden onset of Bossbehindyourback syndrome.


Good grief I am tired. I am at work at the time of writing, and I am at least three different kinds of tired.

Everyone's at home having fun and sleeping late and just flat-out enjoying the days before the new year, while I am here busting my hump trying to figure out why this damn database isn't automatically reducing itself like it should every six weeks of operation.

Bah! I want food! I want to wake up late! I want to play playstation till my eyes bleed! Alas, I want MUNNY too, and right now that takes higher priority. So I should really just shut up and get on with it.

Stupid databases.

Stupid Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and his stupid songs that I love.

Stupid Little Big Planet.

Scratch that last one. LBP is always full of win and awesome!

Time to go, boss in vicinity.

I wanna go home!!!!!!!!

It's two hours later: I finally figured it out :) the database thing I mean :)

I'm hungry though. Want to feed my face something fierce.

I'll probably be posting this two-three hours from now, while feeling a bit better I guess :)

Day's almost over, one hour left, also the train ride back to Stockholm central is an hour, then it's walking 800 meters to warmth, food, and friendly faces! Hurrah!

I really should get back to work you know. Ta.

--Posted on the run!

Mellandag nr.2

My God. It is the 27th already!
It's been snowing almost nonstop for two weeks now I believe, yet life is as normal as can be in this weird beautiful country.
What's new to write about: not much. I have to work next week, I.e. 28th thru 30th. I don't like it but the bills need to be paid and so forth.. Been wanting to see "Sherlock Holmes" as i said long ago it will be good, still excitedly awaiting "The Road" which should be released sometime at the end of January. Excited!

Work? Well, we have to wait and see. Honestly? I always keep a stiff upper lip to the best of my abilities, but sometimes it all feels a bit much. Natural part of the clumsy learning process called Life I guess. :/

I wish the week was ten days long, the day 30 hours. So many things to do, not enough time! I've reached the point in my life where I want to make something to call my own. No, not babies, nooooooooo! I mean, something one can look at, and actually feel proud about. I don't know. Late night rambling is never good for the blog, then again, I don't write much in it anyway so anything should be a welcome change. Amirite? ;)

To be continued, if i have the time.

--Posted on the run!


Well, it came to that:
I was hoping not to face the coming year without a job.

What with the crisis being what it is, and us finally finding a suitable apartment with higher rent, of course, and a million other little details that tend to accumulate on each other at the wrong bloody moments.

Sadly I was told my contract will not be renewed as usual. Sigh. I am a tad worried I cannot deny that, and that's basically what's been denying me time from blogging. Job applications, interviews, updating your cv and the usual stuff.
Oh and I was told to my face that it will be very difficult for me to find a job because my name is not Sven or Martin or Anders.
I did contemplate using a pet-form of my name in resum├ęs and interviews and such, but then again, screw that. I never was ashamed of my name, how I look, who I am. And I'll be damned if I start being so now.

Because at the end of the day, when all's said and done and all the interchangeable job people have gone home, that (and my wife, God bless her!) will be the only thing I can really count on.

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom, things are hopefully looking up already. Cannot say more until next year ;) so I'll just write about other stuff.

By the way, it is bloody awful cold. Snow and -15 Celsius. Been so for a week I believe.