Once again :)

I am returned! I'm actually a bit dissatisfied with this blogging application I'm using to post here, it lacks some stuff I find important. Like text formatting f'rinstance: Everything gets jumbled together despite the care I took to actually make this post human-readable. So, what about me? Nothing much. I'm actually been here almost two years. Wow :) wait, I think I mentioned this a couple of posts ago. This is a new thing, my constant lack of focus and also partial memory loss. Like Alzheimers lite or something. I remember, perhaps it might do me good to rub some sheep linament on my aching knees. They really are aching and I'll be rubbing stuff on them and no it's not really sheep linament ;) Bythe way, i think I'm developing a Warren Ellis'ish way of talking due to the ungodly amount of (il)literature I read for him, and I'm positively loving it. My Swedish feels like it's going down the crapper but perhaps I'm improving. I can never really tell regarding language. One day I'm all "my name a Abdullah, I come from a Iraq to northern land of Swedes" the other I'm watching Swedish shows and actually laughing at their jokes. Sigh. I'll give it a couple of more months and see :) sometimes I get brain-lock from talking too much Swedish at work. :( Well, gotta run now, be back soon.
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