Kräftskiva is apparently some sort of national festival here in ABBA-land, it can be translated into "crayfish party" as that is pretty much what they do on this day.

As with a few other traditional holidays here, it does not take place on a given day, but rather go by specific weekdays, i.e. The first Sunday of May, second-to-last Tuesday before Christmas, and so on. And I thought running things by the lunar calendar was bad. Sheesh!

Thing is: this holiday will take place next Friday, my company's arranged something, I've been invited, and I'll be fasting. I don't know how to handle this exactly, I reckon they'll understand, but: do I go and eat nothing, or do I skip the whole thing? I don't want to skip it cuz it will probably deny me a good chance to integrate myself with these guys, and if I don't eat they'll probably think it weird. And no, I will not be eating so that possibility is out.

Will talk to the boss about this tomorrow I guess..
I do have some very light allergy toward crayfish, but oh how I love it :(

One more pic from Germany. Hamburg central station.
Dont know why I put it up but I did :p

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