Apparently this is what today is, Eid! I'm not really sure who calls it so (I think it's the Turks) but nevermind, what matters is I ate till I fell on my face, then I ate some more! Tea and baklava and two
Colas! I've been on a sugar high since six in the morning and it feels great! :p
Actually it's been a nice day all in all, out with family, playing games till my eyes hurt, music, soon I'll train again, and best of all, no messy queueing for eid prayers like last year :)

It's been a happy good day, and I am most grateful! Thank God for everything.

Quick post cuz I'm sleeping relatively early, work tomorrow :(

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Kräftskiva is apparently some sort of national festival here in ABBA-land, it can be translated into "crayfish party" as that is pretty much what they do on this day.

As with a few other traditional holidays here, it does not take place on a given day, but rather go by specific weekdays, i.e. The first Sunday of May, second-to-last Tuesday before Christmas, and so on. And I thought running things by the lunar calendar was bad. Sheesh!

Thing is: this holiday will take place next Friday, my company's arranged something, I've been invited, and I'll be fasting. I don't know how to handle this exactly, I reckon they'll understand, but: do I go and eat nothing, or do I skip the whole thing? I don't want to skip it cuz it will probably deny me a good chance to integrate myself with these guys, and if I don't eat they'll probably think it weird. And no, I will not be eating so that possibility is out.

Will talk to the boss about this tomorrow I guess..
I do have some very light allergy toward crayfish, but oh how I love it :(

One more pic from Germany. Hamburg central station.
Dont know why I put it up but I did :p

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