The daily commute, I both love and hate it :) I don't know about you but I kinda enjoy the claustrophobia, the unseen elbows poking you in unseen places, feet stepping on your toes, all sorts of exotic smells ranging from Chanel no.5 to Armpit l'Onions,
Sounds of all kinds, newpapers crumpling, people arguing/conversing/kissing/whining/eating/drinking as loudly and publically as humanly possible without being overt.
I love it.

If you believe all the crap I stated above then, friend, you and I really need to talk.

Okay, just made Skarpn├Ąck. Will write more later.

Infurating. That's the situation I'm in, waiting for an important delivery from London, watching a crappy Iraqi tv programme showing a man politely and very publically humiliating a dirt poor Iraqi family in Syria for A 100$.
Tryig to manage my funds for the coming months, the company i'm in is still suffering from the damned economy, I hate this damned tv presenter with his damned greasy hair and his smug attitude. I want to hang him up by has nads until he starts frothing at the mouth.
Damn tv and the damned faces in it.

Oh and thank you all for your recommendations, will go read up on them! Thanks again!

What a damned tv dirtbag I'm going to kick his face in.

-- Posted on the go!
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