Normal services will resume promptly

As soon as I get some shut-eye. Been a helluva busy week in which I doubt I've had 24 hours of sleep.
Let me run a recap of some of the stuff I did:
I rode on trains, planes, and automobiles, oh and two ferries, passed through three countries, made a new Swedish friend, (who by the way has an uncanny resemblance to Laura Prepon)

Slept on bug-ridden mattresses in a crack-house of an apartment,

Helped manage the wedding, believe me you never want to do that.
Was close to acting on an impulse and punching the bride's parents hardest I could, breaking my hand and possibly their jaws in the process,

Got to know what a complete and utter asshole the bride's father is, her mother sucks ass too.
Probably acquired temporary partiall hearing loss from being crammed by the loudspeakers playing bombastic crap of the highest order, my ears are f*cking humming LOUDLY.
ate shitty food, danced shitty dances, met shitty people, my knees are aching too.

It was a practical Iraqi wedding, and it was fun.
Will write more when I'm alive again.

-- Posted on the go!
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