McWHA? A post on nothing in particular.

If only I could properly describe how the weather is right now.. The sun sending light kisses my way, the cold breeze embracing me with open arms, random smells of sweet, sweet flowers carried from hidden places. And yet we are in August. Seems like a million years since I left Iraq, yet I remember clearly the infernal Augusts we had, and still do have, there. The sun doing her best to heat my scalp to flashpoint, the air dry and dusty, cracking my lips and scratching my eyes and inflammating my sinuses with all sorts of filthy smells and making me wish I was never born there.
But wait, I also remember all the good times I had in Iraq, all the fun I had with family and friends, serious times, silly times, the best of times.

If only the remembering wasn't getting harder with every minute, and it's not because I'm getting senile.


So, third day of fasting, I intend to skip training tomorrow as i will be arriving home way WAY too late if I did go. Sheesh.


Music: nothing good, nothing new, and it's driving me infreakingsane. I WANT SOME RECOMMENDATIONS PEOPLE!

Oh and this is one McThing we do not have here in Sweden! McCafé? Seriously Germany???

--Posted on the go
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