blogging on the go

Finally I managed to save up enough cash to get an iPhone! It is rather expensive and is nigh-on unusable in its factory-provided form (I mean, no Bluetooth or video recording? No SMS delivery reports? Seriously Apple?)
But after a couple of days doing things to it that are probably not very warranty-friendly, Its actually beginning to grow on me :)
For me it's actually a phone-enabled tablet computer, something that enables me to listen to music and watch films, play games, ssh my way to my Linux/Windows laptop, arrange my calendar, navigate via gps (free and I LOVE IT!), talk free using skype, access my emails, chats, messages, tweets, and make a phonecall or two if there is still life left on the shitty battery.

Oh and I can blog from it too!

I got the last generation model because the current one costs much more than I can afford at the moment.. Maybe next year? Who knows!

Oh and i'm dying for training to begin again in the middle of august.. Haven't trained for over a month and a half now..

Well: gotta run now! Time isn't just
going to waste itself you know!
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