The daily commute, I both love and hate it :) I don't know about you but I kinda enjoy the claustrophobia, the unseen elbows poking you in unseen places, feet stepping on your toes, all sorts of exotic smells ranging from Chanel no.5 to Armpit l'Onions,
Sounds of all kinds, newpapers crumpling, people arguing/conversing/kissing/whining/eating/drinking as loudly and publically as humanly possible without being overt.
I love it.

If you believe all the crap I stated above then, friend, you and I really need to talk.

Okay, just made Skarpnäck. Will write more later.

Infurating. That's the situation I'm in, waiting for an important delivery from London, watching a crappy Iraqi tv programme showing a man politely and very publically humiliating a dirt poor Iraqi family in Syria for A 100$.
Tryig to manage my funds for the coming months, the company i'm in is still suffering from the damned economy, I hate this damned tv presenter with his damned greasy hair and his smug attitude. I want to hang him up by has nads until he starts frothing at the mouth.
Damn tv and the damned faces in it.

Oh and thank you all for your recommendations, will go read up on them! Thanks again!

What a damned tv dirtbag I'm going to kick his face in.

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McWHA? A post on nothing in particular.

If only I could properly describe how the weather is right now.. The sun sending light kisses my way, the cold breeze embracing me with open arms, random smells of sweet, sweet flowers carried from hidden places. And yet we are in August. Seems like a million years since I left Iraq, yet I remember clearly the infernal Augusts we had, and still do have, there. The sun doing her best to heat my scalp to flashpoint, the air dry and dusty, cracking my lips and scratching my eyes and inflammating my sinuses with all sorts of filthy smells and making me wish I was never born there.
But wait, I also remember all the good times I had in Iraq, all the fun I had with family and friends, serious times, silly times, the best of times.

If only the remembering wasn't getting harder with every minute, and it's not because I'm getting senile.


So, third day of fasting, I intend to skip training tomorrow as i will be arriving home way WAY too late if I did go. Sheesh.


Music: nothing good, nothing new, and it's driving me infreakingsane. I WANT SOME RECOMMENDATIONS PEOPLE!

Oh and this is one McThing we do not have here in Sweden! McCafé? Seriously Germany???

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First day of Ramadan!

So, another year, another Ramadan!
This year is a bit special for me: it's not the first Ramadan away from my parents, but I hope it'll be the last..
This time it's special because I'll be fasting, working, and training! I don't exactly know how I'll cope, but I know I somehow will :)
One thing I'm annually annoyed with is the multitude of stupid Arabic series shown on every channel. So far I'm not impressed with the quality, but we'll see...

Sorry but the hypoglycemia's kicking in, going to see what can be done about it ;)

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Normal services will resume promptly

As soon as I get some shut-eye. Been a helluva busy week in which I doubt I've had 24 hours of sleep.
Let me run a recap of some of the stuff I did:
I rode on trains, planes, and automobiles, oh and two ferries, passed through three countries, made a new Swedish friend, (who by the way has an uncanny resemblance to Laura Prepon)

Slept on bug-ridden mattresses in a crack-house of an apartment,

Helped manage the wedding, believe me you never want to do that.
Was close to acting on an impulse and punching the bride's parents hardest I could, breaking my hand and possibly their jaws in the process,

Got to know what a complete and utter asshole the bride's father is, her mother sucks ass too.
Probably acquired temporary partiall hearing loss from being crammed by the loudspeakers playing bombastic crap of the highest order, my ears are f*cking humming LOUDLY.
ate shitty food, danced shitty dances, met shitty people, my knees are aching too.

It was a practical Iraqi wedding, and it was fun.
Will write more when I'm alive again.

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I cannot take this anymore!

I am sick and tired of iTunes. Whomever made this steaming pile of camel shit needs to be strung up by the balls. How can so many Apple-loving pukes even stand to look at it? Completely and utterly unusable. Like all other Apple iCrap.
I'm worked up because currently I have no choice but use this horrible piece of filth to transfer stuff to the damned phone. Oh I knew what I was getting into but I never imagined it was THIS bad. I'd used iTunes before but not more than five minutes every time. Oh boy.

How could Apple get it so wrong?

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I really should sleep you know...

The downside of having such an awfully-sophisticated gadget is when you inevitably bork it. Like I did yesterday. Made a very lovely and very expensive paperweight out of it. It's back to normal now, even better than before actually, but the last day and a half were definitely not fun. Please don't suggest I should've done backups and stuff, because the stuff I put in and took out of the phone is not Apple-Backup friendly at all :(
The only way is to do it all by hand. Oh and did I mention it wasn't only my iPhone I borked? My brother in law's fell victim to my workings!
Both are up and running, and I am so jävla tired. And sleepy. Goodnight my fellow netizens.

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Please say you're joking

Since when was Madonna a ROCKER?

I mean LOOK AT IT! That list is INFECTED with Madge. Sigh.

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blogging on the go

Finally I managed to save up enough cash to get an iPhone! It is rather expensive and is nigh-on unusable in its factory-provided form (I mean, no Bluetooth or video recording? No SMS delivery reports? Seriously Apple?)
But after a couple of days doing things to it that are probably not very warranty-friendly, Its actually beginning to grow on me :)
For me it's actually a phone-enabled tablet computer, something that enables me to listen to music and watch films, play games, ssh my way to my Linux/Windows laptop, arrange my calendar, navigate via gps (free and I LOVE IT!), talk free using skype, access my emails, chats, messages, tweets, and make a phonecall or two if there is still life left on the shitty battery.

Oh and I can blog from it too!

I got the last generation model because the current one costs much more than I can afford at the moment.. Maybe next year? Who knows!

Oh and i'm dying for training to begin again in the middle of august.. Haven't trained for over a month and a half now..

Well: gotta run now! Time isn't just
going to waste itself you know!