I'm alive :)

And i probably just stole my blog theme from SoB :P Bossman if you're reading this, sorry :)

So, between working (monthly contract), family, books, playstation, not to mention getting my ribs caved in every now and then, seems i don't have that much free time left. huh.


Well, honestly I don't have pretty much to say these days: i don't know how to describe it. perhaps so: the less said (or written), the less chance it comes round and bites you on the ass :P
no really, my run-ins with the wonderful Iraqi "ex-pat" community kinda hammered this concept down my throat. sheesh.
but anyway, enough whining!

what else? oh, finished language school with flying colors, or at least i like to think i did :P managed to rule the class (which isn't much of an achievement considering the competition, lazy homework-dodgers to the man, including yours truly)

Been reading a LOT of Warren Ellis. a veritable madman/genius depending how you look at him.
also re-read The Road in preparation for the film, incoming in October hopefully, and no doubt will prove somewhat disappointing considering how film-unfriendly the book is.
If you are interested in the post-apocalyptic, horror, family together till the end type of books, get it. you won't regret it. I cannot stop talking about it!

lots of other books. maybe i should set up a list of sorts on the sidebar, now that i've cleaned up all the accumulated linkage :)

training: Got my ass kicked, my knuckles skinned and my hands swollen, not to mention all kinds of bruises, oh and i've gone up a rank :) proudest moment of my life :D

oh and i was one of the millions saddened by the death of Michael Jackson. I know a few who can't be happier now he's dead, and i know his best years are way, waaaay behind him, but i still loved the music, if not the man himself.
I still listen to all kinds of shit that make my ears bleed, but i still enjoy a little Liberian Girl. wait. that came out wrong.. er.. damn you Wacko Jacko! :D
no seriously, that song is one of his best in my opinion :) i like his old stuff. who doesn't?

Warren Ellis.

yeah. that's another dude who's messed up my way of thinking forever. not as infamous as Garth Ennis, not as magnificiently boring as Alan Moore, he is perfect for my taste.


life's been quiet thankfully, if not for the constant apartment hunt i'd say i'm actually beginning to settle down proper. Weird.

One other thing that is extremely strange is that i do not actually miss home, wherever that is. i actually FEEL home right here in Stockholm (and no it is not because of the number of Iraqis here ha ha).
Does anyone else share this feeling?
Maybe it's just me, as i see loads of immigrants including my extended family simply yearning for Iraq.

Is it a blessing? is it a curse? to have this ability to disassociete and subsequently assimiliate? perhaps a bit of both.

well, not much time in my day anyway, must run off and do one of a number of things that must be done. i wish the day was 30 hours long, the week 10 days.

thank you all for sticking and actually reading up till this point :) see you all later!