Praktikant! NDA! Praktikant!:
Hm. As of this week, I have begun a six-week nonpayed job training, or what is called Praktik in Sweden. Although its a full time job, without pay as I must have already mentioned, I believe it would do me well.. The least of its benefits is an extra line and reference to write down in my CV, whose thinness is a source of constant surprise to me :)
Anyway, I sure do hope it leads to better things!
I forgot what I was going to write at this point. You see I wrote this post upwards, thus between the weird structuring of ideas and my visible -yet feeble- attempts at using more complicated symantics, I am completely utterly lost. Aren't you?
Ok, I cannot actually talk much about the job, or the workplace, as they made me sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and all sorts of weird crap with fine print. Made sure to read it thrice though.
I'm not even sure if I can talk about the NDA itself. hm. We'll find out sooner or later ;)
Speaking of disclosure, a law has been put in effect, here in Sweden, to stop illegal file sharing and such, and it sucks. ISPs are now forced to divulge physical locations and owner information for Internet IP addresses, and seeing that everyone here has a personal registration number which is used in everything, you can hardly escape the system using normal methods.
There are ways to go around it, but it is definitely not nice.
Plus, most of the crap I get, especially comics and books, can hardly be found in Europe, let alone Sweden. This sucks completely.

Playing Silly Buggers:
Another day, another broken body part :)
This time i managed to twist my left foot, add to that a previous injury in my right thigh which four weeks later, still hurts and you can see why it took me one whole week before i started even walking right again.
Why do I even do this to myself?
"Why do I keep hitting my head with a hammer? Because it feels good when I stop"
No, not exactly. Its just my thing, I love training and have learned to accept whatever side effects might show up along the line.

Ok then, have to go sleep. damn, have only five hours of sleep.
Well, tomorrow is a half-day anyway, so there!

Happy Easter everyone! See you around!
P.S. I will get around to answering last post's comments, I promise :)