Of Facebook, work, and broken ribs:


been a long time since I wrote anything here.. seems I'm always short of time these days. sigh.
Time flies here in Sweden. I cannot believe I've been here fifteen months. Wow.

Whatever free time I have I spend reading (books -thanks SoB- and comics) or on Digg and Facebook. Damn time-wasters!
The majority of my time however is spent doing college-and-school work and doing simple computer related jobs and somesuch.
So: I've also got a Playstation Portable, the older slim model, and hacked it. Now I can satisfy my gaming habit at a reasonable price until I can scrounge up enough money to get the bigger consoles.
Hmm.. what else? oh I cracked a couple of ribs, I think.
Nothing serious, it happened during a sparring session with the seniors (I did mention earlier -in a comment thread- that I was back to full-contact? Yeah, I am)
So anyway, these seniors are crazy (Actually I'm crazy too but that doesn't count), like I keep mentioning, the problem is not that training here is harder than in Iraq, its about the same.
The problem is that the people I spar with are generally a foot taller than me (I'm 5'10) and heavier as well (around 190 myself) so they really, REALLY can pack a punch.
Oh and I have to train without my glasses. And I have allergy to contact lenses.
Thus, while trying to avoid a couple of nasty kicks to the head, I ended up taking a very lovely punch to the ribs on my left side. I gave back accordingly, I know I did, but that, my friends, does not reduce the metric shit-load of HURT I had to endure for two weeks. (Didnt train for two, I'm supposed to rest for a third as well but I just said Nah, screw that so I'm back to training)
I forgot to mention I caught a cold during that time, so you can imagine the fun I had everytime I sneezed!

A word of advice? Try not to crack your ribs. They hurt like a mother.. er.. lover.

So, how's it been with YOU guys (and girls)?
-in no particular order, really-
Thank you David, Lynnette, Melantrys, Bruno, CharlesWT, Delilah (or whatever your alias is now, you know yourself), Bill. If I forgot a particular name, forgive me. I just tried to pick the most recent names that commented here :)

I'm also sorry because it seems I'm letting my blog die.. I really want to keep going, but I don't have the time or the inspiration to write all that much anymore.
I'm afraid if I try to keep this up this blog will be exactly like that script Jack Nicholson was writing in The Shining.

I'm thinking of doing an overhaul of sorts to the whole blog. maybe add something interactive, a chat window, radio/tv streaming services, I don't know really..