Well, its been a while :)

i dont know where to begin probably because i dont remember where i left off even!
Its been a hectic year here in Sweden, havent actually COMPLETED a year but will do in forty days. still learning the language, still looking for a job :)

Swedish is a very strange language, it is simple, much more so than English, however that simplicity is in itself constricting, add to that the myriad influences from German and English itself, and all the grammatic exceptions you want, and the language becomes even more challenging.

so far i've learned enough to be able to write highschool-level essays, not THAT big of a job since mainly I'm still mentally translating from English-to-Swedish, and using the wonderful Google Translate function..
Jobs: the job market here is hard, especially now under the financial crisis, Swedes are getting laid off, approximately 100'000 Swede have applied for government help in subsidized income, this month alone. about 10'000+ are getting laid off, GM is selling SAAB, Volvo is under threat, in short, the picture is not that sunny, HELL; it wasnt sunny to begin with!
But, i'm still hanging on :) doing the odd job here and there..

One thing i cannot stress enough is how OPEN these people are.. till now i did not face a single problem from a swedish person, except some neo-nazi trash who kept defacing the local bus stop and writing stuff like "Foreigners go home" and drawing lopsided swastikas and shit like that, oh well, there's one of those everywhere.
even the Iraqis i met here are nice, granted you dont ever, EVER debate religion or politics or your race (I'm HUMAN, dunno about them) which i dont anyway.

One of the most surprising things here is how outspoken Iraqi Christians are, guess its due to being released from being a minority, and i dont mean that in a bad way :)
however, even so, being arabs they still get (and give) trouble from non-arabic non-muslim Iraqis, for example the constant problems in Södertälje between Christian Arabs and Assyrians and God only knows who else.

Who else is causing grief to others?
Sunni and Shi'a? sure.
Arabs and Kurds? sure.
Pro- and Anti-Saddamites? Suuuuure. (more than a year after the guy danced the hemp fandago, and he is still worshipped. sigh)
the other parts of the problem are the Somalis and Turks in Rinkeby. never-ending problems, some idiots there even went as far as beating up policemen and burning a police station.

Saddest part? you find an Iraqi BOASTING how his friends in Rinkeby beat the shit out of the police.

Its fucking stupid. and retarded. people coming to a new country dragging their problems with them.

biggest part of the problem as i see it is the concentration of ethnic minorities in certain areas, much like the pakistani areas of London, or the Algerian/Moroccan neighborhoods in Paris.

The government here started thinking outloud about this problem only this year, but as i see it there is no real way of solving it. there IS a continuing housing shortage in Stockholm, so they cant spread them around, and even if they did, a new immigrant is free to choose where he lives, if he finds a place, add on top the whole illegal third-hand subletting of appartments to dozens of still-green immigrants. some still live there years after.
I've lived in one of those the first couple of weeks of my time here till i managed to find an apartment. a two-room apartment housing 8 guys. some with families living in other places.

School: now that's been a good time :) been a while since i last studied seriously, sometimes i still find it a bit hard, but i try to keep my focus :)

Leisure: hmm. well, me myself its enough to go walk around Stockholm :) I've been to a couple of parties as well, Arabs and Swedes.
the weather fits me to a tee. almost always freezing my ass off, which i like! even in the hottest day of Summer it didnt peak much above 30. in winter its 3 o'clock and its already dark! i LOVE IT! cant say enough good things about it! (most Iraqi, having a disposition towards warmer climate, would like no less than to strangle me with my own intestines for saying this about the weather. So many are as depressed as hammered shit)
oh and i started training again, it costs an arm and a leg, but it is worth it! next week is the end-course grading exam, so i should probably prepare for it, i guess.
Music, Movies, and Books: Dark, Dark, and Dark! One day something just clicked inside my head and i started listening to Slayer again, and i have no regrets!
Movies: many, not ALL are dark, i LOVED "Enchanted" (yeah, i did) and liked "Hellboy 2" much more than the overhyped "Dark Knight".
i still refuse to take Batman seriously before he starts using guns.
martial arts my ASS, i am a martial artist. and i say guns win, EVERY TIME.
hmm.. "Wall-E" was amazing. one of the best animated films i will ever see :) Toy Story material!

i have the new Rambo somewhere here but never did get the urge to complete it. entertaining, if your idea of entertainment is a mulleted, greasy 60year-old grunting everytime he shot someone half his size.

I hate Seth Rogan, him and that other idiot Dane Cook. i refuse to watch anything by them.

Aaaaaaaandd finally am looking forward to the stupidity of the new Punisher movie.

books: read through all 36 Pratchett books, and that was in my first 6 months. re-reading some of them again.

The Road by Cormic McCarthy is an amazing book. really pulled me in.

The Rising by Brian Keene: hmm. would have affected me much more if i didnt read for Garth Ennis much. good zombie romp with a solid twist. Do not read if you think God and Zombies dont mix.

oh and the absolute first-class winner of them all is World War Z by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks, genius (Hitler on Ice! cracks me up everytime i see it)
this book is really something else. recommended to me by a friend, i thought i would read a bit just to be polite, but damn if this book was not one of my best reads in the last 10 years, and i read a LOT.

hmm.. so what else? I've been typing as i was thinkning up stuff to say, so sorry if it seems unstructured, it is.

sigh. i really wish i had more time. why isn't there 10 days in a week and 30 hours in a day?

sorry for leaving you all this time. i'll try to write something as i get the time :)