Ubuntu 8.10

WARNING: techie post. just something to refer to in future discussions.

Codename Intrepid Ibex is here :)

the second Ubuntu annual release, as usual.

this one is still in beta, but i already like it!

here are a few things i noticed:

better hardware recognition, finally managed to properly drive my Network Activity LED, all i could do previously is have it ON or OFF, now its actually flashing when there is network activity.

better SCIM functionality (SCIM: Smart Common Input Method, which was designed to ease the non-unicode users -arabs, chinese- into the mainly-unicode Internet environment, but instead was a righteous pain in the ass to configure and even get to run right)

better Bluetooth modules. some random bug in Hardy (8.04) made it impossible to send files TO the pc from a mobile device.

the 2.27 kernel is more... relaxed? than the old 2.24. doesnt panic anymore when i remove my wireless module (modprobe -r iwl3945) to begin the -now routine- task of penetration-testing the security of wifi network around me.. ahem.
yeah. i inject. so what of it?

i like the quicksearch in Synaptic package manager! finally they learned from Add/Remove.

i like the improved desktop environment, tho i do feel it still needs work. this is evolution not revolution.

all in all it feels faster.

Ubuntu theme still is butt-ugly, good to see they havent changed that!

Good job Canonical! now release the stable cds so i can order some!
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