the perfect phone:

this is just a placeholder. i am merely thinking aloud. sorry but really dont have time for a full post:

so anyway, the perfect phone should have:

1. touch, multitouch screen.
2. replaceable battery.
3. standard 3.5 mm audio adapter.
4. Android OS or any open-source/non-proprietary OS.
5. 8 gigs onboard memory, expandable with SD or whatever the latest standard is.
6. Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR or whatever its called, too sleepy to care.
7. EDGE, GPRS, GPS, Compass, and 3G capabilities. or just the last three.
8. touch keyboard WITH -sliding, NOT showing- full QWERTY keyboard as well.
9. camera. 3MP and above. autofocus. optical zoom.
10. did i mention opensource?
11. fully unlocked. price around 300$
12. Exchange support, "real" push mail. not Apple crap.
13. i would love it if was able to sniff wifi packets as well, but that is just wishful thinking.

so what i would love to see is basically a hybrid N92, iPhone, G1, Blackberry.

i wish they'd make one.
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