the perfect phone:

this is just a placeholder. i am merely thinking aloud. sorry but really dont have time for a full post:

so anyway, the perfect phone should have:

1. touch, multitouch screen.
2. replaceable battery.
3. standard 3.5 mm audio adapter.
4. Android OS or any open-source/non-proprietary OS.
5. 8 gigs onboard memory, expandable with SD or whatever the latest standard is.
6. Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR or whatever its called, too sleepy to care.
7. EDGE, GPRS, GPS, Compass, and 3G capabilities. or just the last three.
8. touch keyboard WITH -sliding, NOT showing- full QWERTY keyboard as well.
9. camera. 3MP and above. autofocus. optical zoom.
10. did i mention opensource?
11. fully unlocked. price around 300$
12. Exchange support, "real" push mail. not Apple crap.
13. i would love it if was able to sniff wifi packets as well, but that is just wishful thinking.

so what i would love to see is basically a hybrid N92, iPhone, G1, Blackberry.

i wish they'd make one.
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The Large Hadron Collider: The end of the world

released worldwide September 10th.
original article HERE


This is the general-meaning of the name to help make laymen, ordinary people, and non-scientists understand the naming-convention of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in simple language and to understand the aims of the LHC itself.


LHC is quite large, comprising of a circular-tunnel, with multiple loops, stretching for 27 kilometre under the earth between France and Switzerland.


Further information: Hadron

This refers to one of the types of particles that make up an atom. These miniature quantas of energy will be propelled by large magnets around the tunnel circuit at the speed of light (approximately) in LHC.


Collision is oppositely-beaming hadrons will collide or meet, at the same high-speed i.e. speed of light. The resulting explosion will create 105 or 100,000 times more heat than the sun in an area a billion or 109 times smaller than a dust-particle.

so basically this is "the most powerful physics experiment ever built, the Large Hadron Collider will re-create the conditions just after the Big Bang in an attempt to answer fundamental questions of science and the universe itself."


Nope, i DO hope they got the math part right and there will be no unplanned disruptions, and of course i wake up september 11th with the same general shape i have grown to love :)

i actually like this, this is what science is about, building huge-ass stuff which threatens to blow up the world!

no seriously, perhaps this will shed some more light on the universe, its creation, the how, why, when, where, and maybe, just maybe, whom!


Death Magnetic: The Review:

Metallica: the meanest, biggest, most self-destructive band in metal, churn out their latest effort:

i had been expecting this opportunity for months now just so i can sneer at them and confirm what everyone already knows: Metallica sucks ass. I was even prepared to listen to the horrid St.Anger again just to compare how shitty this new would be:

then they go and disappoint me.


once my musical taste kinda settled down a few years back, i started thinking of Metallica as a band that stopped making music after 1991, what with Black Album, Load, Reload, etc etc, being all Lyrical happy-horse-shit with a good measure of hillbilly in it..

then came St.Anger, i dont want to talk about it,

Then this. was it worth waiting for? HELL YEAH!

this is the most devlishly-technical album Metallica has ever put out. Every member of the band simply outperforms himself (except of course for Lars Ulrich whom always has no technique, relying instead on hitting the snares as hard as he can)

Kirk Hammet: Satriani? Petrucci? SCREW THEM! This boy is playing on a level akin to Kerry King and Dimebag! (I mean, pentatonic scales, playing fast yeah yeah, gimme one Dimebag riff and i would love you forever)

so anyway, the album consists of 10 tracks, racking a well-recieved 1:15 hours, the track listing is as follows:

That Was Just Your Life
IMPRESSIVE! This song will single-handedly make you believe in Metallica once again, heavy, technical, bleeding fast, though at just over 7 minutes i felt it kinda dragged on a bit in the end.

The End Of The Line

The effort continues, heavy as shit and with more essence! This is the modern day "Four Horsemen" off of Metallica's debut album.. kinda reminds me of Motörhead. dunno why! Ah, halfway through it shows the melodic influences Metallica picked up in the 90's.. still a good song!

Broken, Beat & Scarred

One of my two favorite songs on this album. a song perfect for moshing. there is some speedpicking here you won't believe is coming from Hetfield! Kirk Hammet IS Dimebag in this song. if Metallica make more songs like this one, they would rule all, bar none. 4½/5

The Day That Never Comes

Bleurgh! This album's No Leaf Clover. i hate Metallica when they start philosophizing. GIMME MORE CARNAGE! still a song good enough to be released as the first single of this album.. 3½/5

All Nightmare Long

My #1 favorite song on this album! has its roots in Black Album, then at 0:36 it dropkicks you while you are busy thinking "Ah.. Enter Sandman", I dont know what they were on when they wrote this one, i want some of it! This is mosher heaven! Ride The Lightning, Hit The Lights, a LITTLE Slayer influence there as well.. i dont know what else it brings to mind.. Kirk Hammet pulls off some weird shit i never knew he was capable of, Lars shines in this one, Bass? you might wonder why i didnt mention the bass parts? well, I am saving it for last! wait! oh and like ALL Metallica lyrics, they suck beyond belief! that is why nothing here gets perfect score. 4½/5


Heh. you all know this one, its been online for over two months now.. Still, give it a twirl.. Bass shows here shoving and headbutting its way to the front, this song is a good representation of Heavy Metal for beginners, not very heavy, catchy, VERY so! has so many switches and changes in tempo (i counted 22) Kirk here is Kirk Hammet of "For Whom The Bell Tolls". Good effort. thank you 'Tallica!

The Unforgiven III

Say What??? Come on! second weakest song on the album, maybe its just cuz i dont like Metallica when they go slow.. however, this is a continuation of the Unforgiven songs, on its own its weak, if you hear them in sequence as a friend told me to, you'll like it more. Begins with piano and clean guitars then becomes heavier as the song goes. James Hetfield's voice is aging, and it shows. his performance is still clean, never dropping or shorting out, but..
anyway, for me it sounds like Linkin Park doing an impression of The Unforgiven I AND II together.

The Judas Kiss

Wow. Ride the Lightning re-imagined. forget the stupid, STOOPID lyrics, just listen. this is what happens when Metallica pick Rick Rubin, Slayer's producer, to make them a new album. i love this. i just decided to bump it up one half-star. 6:00 onwards made me want to go change my pants. I.LOVE.IT. and so should you! 4½/5

Suicide & Redemption

9 minutes long. rumbling basslines. This generation's "Orion". If Metallica have written a heavier song than this i want to know about it. Channels everyone from Hendrix to Satriani to Michael Schenker to God knows whom else!

My Apocalypse

shortest song on the album, five minutes of pure thrash. Metallica end the album as they begun it, grabbing you by the neck and hitting you repeatedly over the head with the heaviest shit you can imagine and not letting go till their fingers start bleeding.
Lyrics suck, as usual. 4/5

as a heavy metal album, its EXCELLENT, AMAZING, as a Metallica album, they still have to answer to St.Anger. i am still wary of trusting them once again.
Pah. I envy the kids buying this as their first Metallica album.

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Death Magnetic OUT NOW

review coming soon. and not like the shitty Conquer review down there!

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