Soulfly - Conquer

AWESOME. simply 5 out of 5.

so, as i sit now listening to this album for the 30th time or so, i have to tell you:
if you like Metal, get it. if you like Linkinpark, however, run away.

This is metal as it should be, fast, hard, technical, and indeed, with feelings!
(hey, nobody said they should be of the warm, nice kind!)

Soulfly's sixth album is, in my opinion, their best: it consists of 14 tracks (the version i have does, including a cover of Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People)
track list is as follows:

Track list:
  1. "Blood Fire War Hate" - 4:59
  2. "Unleash" - 5:10
  3. "Paranoia" - 5:31
  4. "Warmageddon" - 5:22
  5. "Enemy Ghost" - 3:02
  6. "Rough" - 3:27
  7. "Fall of the Sycophants" - 5:09
  8. "Doom" - 4:58
  9. "For Those About to Rot" - 6:47
  10. "Touching the Void" - 7:25
  11. "Soulfly VI" - 5:20

Bonus tracks:

  1. "Mypath" - 4:43
  2. "Sailing On" (Bad Brains cover) - 4:41
  3. "The Beautiful People" (Marilyn Manson cover) - 4:23
my favorite tracks are
Warmageddon, For Those About to Rot

my least favorite? this is the strange thing: i have no least favorite. this is why i gave it 5 out of 5. there is no one sucky song, some songs may remind the listener of Sepultura, some songs might feel ripped out of older Soulfly albums, but there isn't that sucky song that ruins the whole album (Every track out of St. Anger, for example :P)

speaking of which, you do know there's a new Metallica album coming out? this is their final chance. pfft. to think i used to like them more than Megadeth.

in other news, sorry for not writing, the main reason is time, the other reason is i write too many papers and homeworks and reports these days that the writing.. zeal?.. is all about depleted when i get back home..

also: finished two tests now, i did tell you this, yes? i passed to the third level, about 6 days ago or so, and took the third level exam today. if i pass it will be a year and a half's worth of study finished in 6 months, 10 days from my very first exposure to the swedish language. if i pass, that is :)

oh and why i even bother with such music?
what can i say? must be the weather! ;)
seriously, one day i just upped and started listening again to metal.. hmm!

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