Hello all, i hope the move here does not bother you in any way, i thought this new address should be easier to write :)

and if you have links to come-getsome.blogspot.com, no need to adjust them if you do not want to, just wait at the old page a few seconds, then you will automatically be switched over here :)

sorry for the inconvenience.

oh and do tell me please if the new Yamli API is working, something weird is going on :)

should i try incorporating it into the comments?

thanx to Yoda who tipped me about Yamli. great stuff!

oh, about me?

Passed the first big hurdle with flying colors, C level.

will take the next big test in August, on account of there being a month holiday, in which i will be trying to find a summerjob, etc etc :)

waiting for the new iPhone to be released, altho i will NOT buy it immediately for many reasons:

1. waiting for pricing details to come out.
2. dont wanna fight and elbow my way into stores to get it. no device is worth that. NONE.
3. all pre-orders were already taken, and no other way to get it but fight my way thru along 20'000 maddened swedes.
4. the second batch will have pre-orders, and should arrive by end of july, in which pricing and all other details have been settled!

oh and i have been actively promoting linux everywhere! till now i converted 4 people to the light side! :D

try it, just go and ORDER FREE CDs at www.ubuntu.com.
free registration, order, wait four weeks. BAM! and you dont even have to install it, just run it off cd to see what its like!

or you can download it :P