My life with Ubuntu:

Hey hey people! sorry for the absence, too caught up in study and crap like that to even take a proper breath :)

had an exam today, and last week will have a major one, deciding if i can be promoted to the next study level :) wish me luck!

what else? I am now spending so much time learning how linux actually works, the kinks, the bugs, the limitations, the ABILITIES!
spent the better part of last night trying to install Quake3 Arena. since i dont have a linux copy, and i couldnt "find" one, a friend suggested i use the windows version, stripped down, and use a linux core, available free online :)

and that was it for about 5 hours :) either sound didnt work properly, or video, or both, sigh.

finally i used a "frankenstined" core from the good guys at, and bam! all worked! now i have a working quake3 running faster than it ever did on windows!

sorry for the technobabble, i just wanted to share my "achievment" with someone!

let me leave you with a couple of interesting videos:


best superhero movie YET. i am waiting for Hulk to prove me wrong!
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