You want some cheese with that?

you have no idea how corny wedding songs are, until you start collecting some for your own.. sigh.

more details to come. wedding party starts in four hours.

I'm late I'm late for a very important date!

oh and just for the record: Marilyn Manson's new album sucks.

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Well, here we are, another post.. i dont know if i should even be posting this, i mean, i just restored my pc to factory settings for the second time, i still have to install a ton of programs AND do homework..

thank God flock allows me to blog without actually using much easier, lighter, faster, and all that. flock is web-browser :)
it is a hybrid from Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape Navigator, it has lots of new accessibility features geared towards quick media access and communication, enough of that, its good enough to stand on its own without me sucking up to it :)

now, what happened is the following: i got a laptop, see?
bundled with the laptop is the ever-lovingly crappy Windows Vista, to top the crap i didnt even get one of the "good" Vista editions (Ultimate or Business). i got stuck with Home Basic. pfft.

Few weeks in and Vista is already crashing and freezing, i give it one hard shutdown (take out the power) and BOOM. no more windows. crap crap crap crap.

so naturally i went and installed Ubuntu :) one of the most popular (and stable) linux distributions out there..

problem was, amongst all the myriad combinations of hardware which can cause problems with ubuntu, i had the worst!

now dont go around accusing me of being stupid, not researching my hardware choices first and all, i did exactly that, for Windows AND Linux. however, some recent updates since i came here got my hardware blacklisted and thus my problems..

1- video driver is not recognized, so a generic version is used, and thus decreased capabilities.
FIXED. see below

2- ditto for sound driver, meaning there was no sound.
FIXED. simple thing really, just change the driver, put in a few configuration commands, restart, and we have SOUND!

3- there was a lingering problem which i had known about for a while, if you dont put a certain fix, your new harddrive dies in under one year because your motherboard likes windows better.
FIXED. simple.

back to video: there was nothing i tried that could give me satisfactory results, right about the time i was giving up, i read about the new experimental version of Ubuntu, which was 100% compatible with all my hardware and thus HALLELUJAH!

however, it was still in testing phase, the final version ships out 24th of April. will download it then!

why do i insist on using Ubuntu Linux inspite of all the problems above?

because it is simply better. safer. faster. and for 99% of the time, infinitely easier to install and use than windows.

its completely legally free.

oh and the hundreds of people who provide free detailed technical support online actually know the stuff they are talking about, and they dont put you on hold while they deffer your call to India, like a couple of friends of mine.

a brand new installation takes about 20-25 minutes in which you can continue to use the pc to browse the net and listen to music etc.

i predict, and mark my words: that in the next 5-10 years, Linux will be THE operating system of choice in all major venues all around the world. i just hope i can be on time to catch the wave!

so anyway, after testing it out, i decide i dont want to TEST it out, i want to get the complete end result, so i removed linux completely, and restored my pc to factory settings, which has taken FOUR hours till now, and am still not done. sigh.

anyway, try Linux out, you dont have to install it, just get the cds for free (either download them, or if you dont have a fast connection you can have the genuine Ubuntu cds DELIVERED to your doorstep COMPLETELY FREE anywhere in the world within 2-3 weeks) go to for more details :)

you can run Linux from cd, try it out, if you like, install, if not, then just restart and take out the cd, no harm done!

yeah, thats how much i love the thing, i am literally obsessed with it!


on the other hand, i dont reckon i told you about the time the Shaman dude from class did the hula dance around me while showering me with minty spittle?


well, i've been suffering from a cold, still am, kind of..
Hot spike between my eyes and a running tap in my face, you know the kind :)

so here i am in class, all zonked out on cold medicines and allergy pills, i notice Scott (thats him) trying to say something.. i turn round, tell him sorry man, am out of it so excuse me if i dont focus and all..
he says: "Wanna feel a little better?"
*uhhhhm.... ulp!*
"Yeah, why not?" i answer..

so he says: stand right HERE, takes out a small vial, swallows it, and starts waving his arms around me, and SPRAYING me with what turned out to be menthol extract, in the form of SPIT!

now this is the part where even i am beginning to notice EVERYONE is looking at us, i dont blame them really, it WAS a sight to see!

so i ask him: "what exactly are you doing?"
and he goes "just fixing up your aura, it was all bunched up and all that"


it was fun, mind you ;) not everyday you get the chance to be the center of a supernatural (natural??) ritual!
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