Language School: quick post!

well, as you may know already, i was placed in C group, which is the second highest group. problem is, being in C means everything and nothing at the same time: you can get in C if your Swedish is good, OR you can get in C if you just tell them you've had schooling for over 12 years! so as you can guess, we are a group with mixed linguistic aptitudes!

i swear to God, the first few days were exactly like the show Mind Your Language, in fact, sometimes it still is, the teacher absolutely refuses to talk in English, so we have to figure out what she is trying to say in Swedish, then group the words we caught together, and comprehend the sentences we thought we heard :) so far i've been doing well, the language itself isnt all that different from English, it has the same basic structure, but with some quirks to it, for example:

English Swedish

He is well. Han är bra.
They are well. De är bra.
I am well. Jag är bra.

Is he well? Är han bra?

and so on and so forth! as you can see, its the little quirks and such..

the weirdest thing here is telling the time at half past the hour! for example:

4:30 is NOT four thirty, nor is it half past four, its half TO five!

so you can imagine trying to tell the following time:


so thats 7 past half to three!

or Sju över halv tre!

weird. still you can get used to it if you try!

ok, now i gotta do my homework, actually its class work for monday, but i thought of solving it and gloating to everyone about it come monday :D

take care now, enjoy this clip from Mind Your Language so you might get a better idea what my school situation here is like!

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