All aloooooone. cooooold... freeeeeeeezing. testing.. 1...2....3

8:35 PM Thursday, February 07, 2008 07022008166 Hi! *TickertapeTickertape*i'm just taking Lifeblog for a test drive, seeing if i can sync my phone to blogger and start posting on the go and all that :) i mean i can access internet from my phone, but its damn expensive in pre-paid mode, so i figured i'd try this, just post the picture, few KB's worth, and a few words already written so i dont waste much time online :) in other words, am just testing things out here, if it all works, i'll post more often!I dont hate the fish fingers but the fish fingers hate me.damn things nearly came alive while i was learning how to cook them. 2nd time around too. first time i ended with warm Sunflower Oil soup with bits of minced fried fish floating around. not very yummy, at all.i have to go wash the fishy-smelling pan now. with all the cold oily bits stuck to it i bet. anyway, c ya later on blogger!
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