Happy New Year?

well ho ho ho and a bottle of rum. wait.. that's not how it should go.. erm..

a new year is upon us and all is well with the world!

..well, at least it hadn't blown up yet, most of it anyway.

a new year. hmm. i have a vague feeling about me now that i have not felt for about.. a year :)
so many things done, other undone, yet the world keeps turning round.

on a personal scale, i reckon i achieved most of the goals set up this time last year, as usual still lagging a bit on the harder ones, something i guess is shared by many of you in one way or another :)
on a global scale, most of the human race is just as crazy and idiotic as it has ever been, murder, mayhem, madness, normal.

yesterday's filth is today's martyr is tomorrow's filth.

am writing this staccato because of the ungodly hour i find myself in, i'm not sure what exactly i should write about, or whether i should be writing at all.

i'll just leave a list of wishes and resolutions, and go sleep.

wishing that:

1. Iraqis acquire the gift of thinking.

2. Iraqis learn to actually BE iraqis, instead of a mob of sunnis, shi'a, arabs, kurds, and all the other labels that escape me at the moment.

3. The Powers of Organized-Religion throughout Islamdom start talking to eachother, and no swearing allowed, either.

4. I learn to be a little less stubborn. only a little mindyou.

5. I get a pair of running shoes. all i have now is boots, boots, and boots. been a while since i got running shoes, 4 years, 5 now, actually.

6. I be a better person overall :)

err..yeah, fat chance on any of the above. so why keep on? let's move on to the resolutions!
At least these actually have a chance of happening:

1. I resolve to find a job.

2. I resolve to find a good place to live :)

3. I resolve NOT to have, actually Cause, kids to happen.

4. I resolve to meet a certain someone and punch him square in the smacker. (or knee him repeatedly in the nuts, whichever is more accessible at the time)

5. I resolve to study more, work more, and work OUT more.

6. I resolve to be a better son, husband, and (in some cases) friend. other relatives i am not interested in. waste of perfectly good words even writing about them.

7. I resolve to buy a red sofa.

..er.. and all the rest from last year :) happynewyearauldlangsyneGodblesseveryone!

- i have this habit of capitalizing the g in God, and i like it :) -

now, exqueeze me, i have some Z's to catch..