!!! :D

"How would you feel about the fact that you're fighting a bunch of kids?
  • This is so wrong - these are children for pete's sake. I don't think I could fight them, even in self defense.
  • I'll do what I have to and fight just hard enough to win
  • To hell with morality, I'd be too busy pile-driving, crane-kicking, and bare-knuckle bashing them all the way back to kindergarten

Cubicle Shooting Alarm System:

now this is totally out of the blue, but i came upon this and just HAD to write about it!
this is THE coolest most useless toy ever!
i WILL be getting me one of these!
let me leave u with the full explanation:

Three Tiered Cubicle Defense:

The trouble with most alarm systems is that they are passive. Passive in the respect that they only alert someone to the intruder, but they don't fight the intruder themselves. Well, consider the Shooting Cubicle Alarm System a step in the right direction. Using technology adapted in Area 51 (by elves, of all people), we brought forth this three stage system to help protect everything in your cubicle - and beyond.

Each unit has an ever-watchful motion sensor. The first line of defense is lovingly referred to as Alarm 1. When Alarm 1 is tripped two very important things happen. First, it flashes and klaxons to signal an intrusion. But (and this is the kicker) it also arms Alarms 2 and 3 using invisible wireless signals. Alarm 2 also has an audible alarm, but it is louder than Alarm 1. It also will spot the varmint with a red light beam. Alarm 3 is the coolest; when it is tripped two safe (but surprising) missiles will be launched at the now-fleeing interloper. You valuables will be safe, your cubicle will be secure, and your foe will be embarrassed enough to leave your stapler alone for good!

Please keep in mind, this is a toy. It works really well, but you shouldn't rely on it to protect your gold bars or top secret documents.

Tri-Link Alarm System features:

  • Alarm 1 - Sound and light alarm; arms Alarms 2 & 3
  • Alarm 2 - Louder sound and light alarm; spots intruder with a red dot of guilty light
  • Alarm 3 - Fires two foam missiles at intruder.
  • Uses 7 AAA batteries (not included).

Watch it in action:

SOoooo Cool! well, maybe not THAT cool, if it actually tracked moving objects, now THAT would be awesome! still gonna keep it in mind though :D