of Windows and Linux:

well, the reason i've been away so long (with all apologies to friends and visitors here), is that i've been seriously considering swapping my operating system to Linux.
yeps. couldn't be more lame!

after all is said and done, i decided to dual-boot. windows on one hand, linux on the other, just in case i need photoshop or something.

now, work-wise, still the same situation, my second "audition" should be in a couple of days, i'm physically training my butt off, to the point where i was diagnosed yesterday to have multiple micro ruptures in all my limbs, and possibly my shoulders as well :D well, who said it was gonna be easy?

life-wise: nothing much. limbo it is. HOWEVER: its been said that soon, a royal pardon will come out on those of us with expired residency permits, in which you pay 50% of the fine, and be given 6 months of legal residency. nothing is official just yet, but many people "know people who were pardoned this way". in other words: hearsay.
so i guess it could go both ways.
oh well.

something that's been keeping me bristling these past few days, is the case of the Saudi woman sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in the big house, after being gang-raped 14 times.
no doubt you've heard about it.
if not, just google "Saudi rape victim"
after a lot of nonsense coming out of the courts, someone yesterday declared that this case will actually be reviewed. hmmm.

now what has been actually bugging me is one thing: how the hell didn't the 7 guys who raped the girl (and her boyfriend) didn't get their heads chopped off?

ah. after a quick review of the saudi judicial system, i got it: you see, basically its a do-what-you-may kind of system: depending on a judge's personal opinion. WHAT A CROCK!


back to the main subject:
sorry for the absence, again, for the nth time..

1) for Melantrys (and anyone else who wants to download stuffs in a less-than-legal manner)
check HERE, it might be of use to you :)

2) if you ever want to try linux: i recommend one of three distributions:

Ubuntu (and its derivatives)

Mandriva One

and the one i'm currently using: Kanotix.

oh, and whatever you do, dont buy a Mac! granted they look good, they work flawlessly, and so does Linux! plus its FRIKKIN EXPENSIVE!
i also tried installing a modded Mac OS X 10.4 on my machine, worked well, looked beautiful, but still.. something was missing!

and that something, is BERYL! personal screenshots and videos pending! meanwhile, check it out on YouTube:
however, this is NOT why you should get Linux: eye-candy is good, but safety and reliability should be your main concerns. Linux is simply better than windows at that.
sorry for writing in a broken staccato style, havent written anything for a while so it would take sometime to get things flowing again :)

not much of a real post: perhaps i got to go answer the previous comments :)