i'm writing this in the worst of moods.

just now Sharqiyah, an Iraqi satellite channel, broadcasted a video report about the Iraqi VP al-Hashimi, interviewing hundreds of boys kept in Tobchi prison without charges, for durations ranging up to four years.
i still don't have the full report yet, this is fresh news and i'm in no mood for translation. let other "well-researched" bloggers do that.
meanwhile, what i'll do here is just flip out in fucking anger.

In the video, you see al-Hashimi waltzing around the prison escorted by guards and what appears to be a nervous prison superintendant, randomly interviewing dozens of teens with visible signs of torture and trauma, asking them how and why and when and where.

you can clearly see the boys have been given a fresh haircut, a wash and a clean set of clothes, all prepped up for the VP's visit.
now i'm no fan of Hashimi, this guy is just another screwey politician, bringing this issue up at the right moment.
(Minister of Interior Bolani is in Turkey, PM Maliki is being spanked by our uncle and aunt: Dubya and Condy -Um Omar- Rice)

why didn't Hashimi do anything earlier? like he didn't know. yeah right.

(inspecting prisoners)
Hashimi (to someone outside the screen): "let THEM do the talking"
Hashimi: "so why are you here?"
child prisoner: "i've been held here for ten months because they told me there was a witness against me, i asked to see him but they dont show him, they just blindfolded me and made me ink my thumbprint on some papers i dont know what they are"

(inspecting food rations)
Hashimi: "What's wrong with this food, its good and its plenty" (a piece of chicken and a loaf of bread)
child prisoner: "yes NOW its good, but before they only brought us cheese and water"
SuperIntendant (butting in) : "Yes its just like what they wanted, sometimes they don't want
chicken, they ask for cheese" (WTF?)

Sunni, Shia, Arabs, Kurds, all kinds of kids were in there. and those are the ones we got to see.

Iraqi jails. pfft. even under the best of circumstances, where you are held in a private "detention facility", watched and cared for constantly under strict, explicit orders to "make it as easy for him as you can", it still won't be a good place.
i can only imagine what it is like NOW.

however, ONE thing made me feel better: he actually promised the kids to be released TOMORROW.

i cant find any links right now, google it up tomorrow, such a thing is bound to make an echo.

Outtake from Maliki's visit to Dubya:

Al-Maliki stressed that "the future of Iraq goes through the gates of national reconciliation, of political agreements."
"That is the way to assure ... Iraq's future," he said.
Bush, who has seen his popularity plummet because of mounting U.S. fatalities in Iraq, reiterated his support for the government, saying: "We're with ya, prime minister."

and that, is what i'm afraid of.

tell you what: if that fucktard Hashimi actually holds up to his word, and gets those kids released before the week is over, he will have earned my undying respect as the first politician in iraq that actually did anything of value for the last 40 years.

can you believe the size of the pair on AhmadiNajad doing the three-ring routine in Columbia U.!
Solid Brass i tell you!
still won't change the fact that he needs a wash, a shave and a better jacket.
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