The Adventures of Computerman

So, whats new with me you ask?
Well.. nothing much, its all work, day in day out, learning stuff, applying stuff..
some i already knew, only now i know how to do it faster and more efficient, some is brand new..

my opinions of Micro$oft have now changed a bit, they're not completely worthless ;)

i mean, regarding desktop operating systems, they are hands-down CRAP. i've been running three versions of Linux these past few days (Knoppix, Mandriva One, and Kanotix) and two more (Backtrack 2 and Wifiway 0.8) have almost finished downloading, and my love for all things Linux has reached new levels and still rising. damn i love the command shell!

BUT: i've also been running Microsoft Server 2003 (R2 AND SBS), and i'm expected to take a look at Longhorn, yeah as if i have time.
server-wise, they're good, granted you know what the hell is going on. Hiccups do occur sometimes and they range from minor headaches to reinstalling the whole goddamn thing from scratch..

the only thing i positively love about Micro$oft now is Active Directory and its services. Bravo indeed! :)

oh, i almost forgot:

another thing i've learned is how to make unattended installation disks, now THAT is nice, just plonk the cd in the drive, restart, and walk away..

one thing i've failed to do is WEP/WPA attacks (ENGLISH: cracking wireless network security protocols) but i'm working on it.
the one thing that held me back is that i do not have the right wireless card which allows packet re-injection (ENGLISH: cracks security in 2 mins rather than 2 days).. sigh. thus the decision to get Wifiway and Backtrack. two linux operating systems dedicated to *cough* analyzing and probing wireless networks *cough*


enuff of geektalk.

i've gained a few pounds this last month, not enough time to abuse my body like before.

also, my head has been hurting me for 3 days now, i think it might have to do with sitting so close to the wireless antennae all day trying to crack the local network.
hell, i bet after 10 hours running it could heat a frozen pizza.

tell u what, if i grow a second head i'll post pictures, ok?

ohhhkay, sorry, will report back again in a few days with a real post, containing real words, now i dont even have time to breathe.

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