Roadkill 13

"had a bad day today.."

short post alert
today, around 9am, while on a technical on-site visit (unpaid), i was ->this<- close to being pancaked into the asphalt.
i was walking to the main road, looking for a taxi, when an 18-wheeler zoomed less than two feet to my left, doing something like 120km/h, TWO FEET!
thank God i am heavy set, and balanced on my feet, or the vacuum would have mashed me against (then under) the truck.
stupid trucker.

then, when i got back, i was called over to the software firm next door, to install RAM chips on the file server.
now, that is NOT something difficult, the RAM only fits securely ONE way into the motherboard, no room for screw-ups, none whatsoever.

except when i hit the power button and set the server on fire.


tomorrow i'll find out what exactly happened and HOW. i just don't know how it happened. i've installed RAM chips a million times, on several PC's.. what the hell just happened?

oh and since i was the last one near the pc, it automatically became my fault.
my manager told me its ok, shit happens, and he'll take care of it, pending my first paycheck.

immediate consequence?
my no-pay period got extended to 6 months.

i keep blaming myself. if only i was sure it was my fault, or the hardware's, or..
oh well.
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