Roadkill 13

"had a bad day today.."

short post alert
today, around 9am, while on a technical on-site visit (unpaid), i was ->this<- close to being pancaked into the asphalt.
i was walking to the main road, looking for a taxi, when an 18-wheeler zoomed less than two feet to my left, doing something like 120km/h, TWO FEET!
thank God i am heavy set, and balanced on my feet, or the vacuum would have mashed me against (then under) the truck.
stupid trucker.

then, when i got back, i was called over to the software firm next door, to install RAM chips on the file server.
now, that is NOT something difficult, the RAM only fits securely ONE way into the motherboard, no room for screw-ups, none whatsoever.

except when i hit the power button and set the server on fire.


tomorrow i'll find out what exactly happened and HOW. i just don't know how it happened. i've installed RAM chips a million times, on several PC's.. what the hell just happened?

oh and since i was the last one near the pc, it automatically became my fault.
my manager told me its ok, shit happens, and he'll take care of it, pending my first paycheck.

immediate consequence?
my no-pay period got extended to 6 months.

i keep blaming myself. if only i was sure it was my fault, or the hardware's, or..
oh well.

coming up for air

or "aNarki's got a brand new job"

now don't you stray too far there, it just means i got employed.

my story starts way back in time (if you are as sleep deprived as i am, if not, it was 5 days ago)
my website-design gig ended on a good note, maybe not as good as i would have wished for, but good nonetheless.. so anyway, i had to go out and find another job.

now that is not very difficult if you are still an undergrad, 20yrs, looking for a mail-room job somewhere; problem is, i'm a freaking engineer. licensed and unionized and all. i'm overqualified for McDonalds. i've graduated 3 years ago and my MSc.'s a faraway dream.

second problem was more of a Catch-22 situation: i have not enough moola to earn them fancy-schmancy MCSE/MCP/CCNA certs, BUT my chances of finding a real job to get enough $s for the certifications are VERY slim, because i don't have them certificates..

enough blabbing: i got my mind to it, and decided to go scouting for jobs in the area, if not, then i'll have to venture further out.
the first few places i went round to were internet cafes, no openings, no work, no jobs, sorry, and all that jazz.

i decided to knock on one more door before heading home, two computer companies, a software / web apps company and a hardware / networking security / Microsoft Partner company, next to each other.
Which to choose? which to choose?
well, it wasn't that difficult:
remember how i always say i don't like networking? how i only really like hardware because of my friends' influence? and how i always slam Microsoft products?

i chose the hardware / Microsoft one.

it had a nice red logo.

"knock knock"
"who's there?"
"got a job?"
"gottajob who? i mean, whadda ya do?"
"computer engineer"
"got a cv?"
"huh? oh right now? no."
"well, okay. step inside and get interviewed"

Hmmm. with a capital H.

let me paint you a scene: was only scouting, no cv, no picture, neither mentally nor physically prepared:
i am naturally shy and if not ready, can fumble and lose words like nobody's business
and i'm an Iraqi. with no residency.

and i got the job.

yeps. now i'm doing training, 3-6 months, 9am-6pm. no pay.
still, better than sitting at home, and the worst that could happen is that i would learn to install and operate Microsoft Exchange / ISA servers. not very bad, i can tell you.

now it would have been almost perfect, if not for the last four days, or rather, the first four days:
the company was given a free booth at this expo someplace near the airport, BIG warehouse converted into a convention hall thingy.
it lasted for four days, from 6pm-10pm, and naturally, as a trainee, i HAD to be there.
so basically i ended up pulling four 13-hour-straight shifts. and tonight was the last one. i still have to wake up at 8 tomorrow, but the happy thought is, i will be back home around 6.
there were moments i felt like i was drowning, body and mind heavy as lead, grasping for air.

at the moment it feels more like the first half of "Pursuit of Happyness" rather than the first half of "The Firm", but still, i hope the second reels get switched.

sorry for the cut-and-paste feel to this post, but i have no time or energy to be of more eloquence, AND i want to save some of the good stuff for later:

"Explaining the Marketing Business Model" by aNarki13

short version
frikkin Snake-oil salesmen, the lot of them. they'd sell me sunlight if they can bottle it. they should be staked to the ground and burned to ashes.

i had to freaking market our warez to a bunch of other people trying to market their warez to me. but THAT, my friends, is another story.