Jasim Show - In Movie Theaters soon:

"Iraqi comedy movie inspired from the Muppet Show , Its a funny story about Jasim (Kermit the frog the Iraqi version) who wants to sell his theater after he believed that art means nothing to Iraqis these days , he met few guys who convinced him that art will never be worthless . Art is everything in life and together they can build the theater again . This can be the hilarious and the biggest Iraqi comedy film ever made . You should watch the full version that will be released very soon in theaters in Amman , Damascus , Baghdad and maybe Dubai" -- BlankCreative

hmm. i don't know if they have a license from Henson for this sort of thing, but it is funny in Arabic, real funny :D
these are the same group of ppl who dubbed into Arabic the first batch of "spoof" movies:
Starwars Ep.I, Lethal Weapon 1, and Indiana Jones 2.
so anyway, i doubt you'd understand it if you can't speak the local Iraqi dialects, suffice to say, it is funny, and the imagery while needing improvement, is good enough :)

for all the Iraqis out there, enjoy:

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