Tae Kwon Do: GOOD

i'm not kidding, this is better than 90% of ALL TKD i've seen around.

...well..i can't bring myself to say it..
its GOOD.

well: good techniques, still some inherent faults (stance is too wide, hands drop to waist level, Kicking > Punching)
but still, this is good FOR TKD. i mean, 3rd Degree black-belt? in comparable arts, the applicant has to fight 30 equally-skilled opponents in succession (and sometimes in pairs) to get to 3rd Degree. testing takes anywhere from 6-8 hours straight.
its no joke, 3rd Degree.

but anyway, if you are TKD, or if you know someone who's TKD and want to cheer him/her up:

Cho's TaeKwonDo: 3rd Dan testing

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