Systematic Chaos

That's the new DreamTheater Album.. out in June (June 5th)

In an interview with, drummer Mike Portnoy described the album as "Heavy and technical, powerful and dynamic — all of the elements that people kind of expect out of a Dream Theater album. All of the styles and sounds are intact, but we wanted to make it a real sonic explosion. It's very dramatic and aggressive."


so anyway, i got it yesterday, listening to it still..
i'm yet to form an opinion, but i'm 4 tracks deep and it all feels like a mish-mash to say the least.. a delicious mish-mash YES, but still a little bit of everything..

01- In The Presence Of Enemies: the first and last tracks sound a lot like something out of LTE 1 (they are actually ONE song split in two, placed at the beginning and end of the album cuz of "Studio Pressure") that said, love the guitar tone: overdrive, not so sharp, this tone is so fat its obese.

02- Forsaken: is good ol' typical DT goodness. lovin' every note of it: also, Petrucci steals from Wylde, Batio, and Malmsteen and plays it all with a WD40-coated guitar.

03- Constant Motion: seriously sounds like OLD SCHOOL heavy metal: not just the song structure, but even the very chunky guitar tone Petrucci's using..

04- The Dark Eternal Night: exactly the kind of song that would come out if Dave Mustaine sang/played a song with Antrhax.. oh, and whatshisface, Pantera's drummer, (Vinnie Paul?) he's on board too :)
whoa, the second half of the song, and all bets are off! this is LTE2 all over again!

OHHH LOVE THAT HARMONIC PINCH! Petrucci is doing something illegal to that guitar! :))

05- Repentance: hmmm.. now where have i heard this song before? it begins like a copy of "THIS DYING SOUL" DreamTheater-Train of Thoughts '03. SHIT! IT EVEN BEGINS WITH THE FIRST LINE! damn they did it again: the first time was in the "Root of All Evil", in Octavarium. they also stole a couple of lines from this song. what's the deal??

06- Prophets of War: now THIS is a royal f*ckup if i ever heard one:
this is so progressive its RETRO:
you've got sounds straight out of Jarre, Duran Duran, Ace of Base (the whispering voice in All That She Wants), and i'm still half-expecting Devo to Whip It anytime now.. (now that was serious badass)
7 words: this is a song for tree-huggers.

07- Ministry of Lost Souls: hmmm.. the first half is melodic LSD. Petrucci tunes in to some Soundgarden tones, Iron Mike is less than inspiring here, bass is driving, keyboards.. well, Rudess IS an alien, and therefore can do no wrong.
La Brie is fresh. really good.
SECOND HALF: here comes the cavalry! pick slides, palm muting, bleepbloopbleepbrlbrlwrrrl its Soloville! HALLELUJAH its '92 all over again! Rudess phoned home in the first half, and now the mothership came a'calling!
Iron Mike demonstrates why he's called that, IRON Mike Portnoy!

you might wonder why i spoke little of Johnny Myung: well: he's ALWAYS reliable, the poor guy, no matter who's screwing with what around him, you can always be sure he's there, keeping it steady and strong. a big hand to John Myung!

so far, this album feels like LTE2, mixup of everything, written with emphasis on guitars, trying too hard to surprise. so far its working, mind you :)
this is only the first impression, i'm betting i'll be hooked in less than 48 hours.

still, nothing can top Images and Words. ( except Metropolis pt.2 ;) )

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