EVIL has never sounded so good:

I've had this in queue for a LOOONG time, based on a recommendation by Mix Max (someone who REALLY knows his Sabbath)
i love Dio.
you can't like metal if you don't love Dio.
if you don't, then you are one of those people who listen to Linkin Park/Evanescence. 'nuff said.
i respect your choice, alternate lifestyle and all that.


short version:
GET THIS NOW. DL it, love it, then go buy it LEGALLY. anything, just whatever you do, GET IT NOW.

bit-longer version:
this is a musical compilation, a journey through 4 albums of solid, delicious heavy metal.

16 tracks / 1hour 20 mins almost:
the last three tracks were written fresh for this album, and let me tell you if there is something other than wine that gets better than age, there are TWO:
Tommi Iommi (on Guitars)

this is heavy metal. if you want to introduce someone to heavy metal, give him/her this.
if you disagree, then do what you please, just keep the damn child away from Linkin Park.

Highlights of the Album:

1- Neon Knights : Dio goodness! Tommi Iommi does some crazy Satriani shit before Satriani himself knew how to do it!

3- Heaven and Hell : damn this song. damn this song to hell. the lyrics are ugh'ish but you'll be too busy going "Heaven and Heeeaaaaallllll" with Dio.

14- The Devil Cried : tears of joy, after hearing this song.

16- Ear in the Wall
: perfect Black Sabbath.

-just in case you are wondering how come everything i review is Excellent, Great, and Must Have Or Die, its simply because it IS. I DON'T REVIEW CRAP-

i'm just addicted to the pure unadulterated devil'ness that is this evil, horrid little man, Ronnie James Dio.

if you want to know what's all this fuss about, i recommend you to listen to two tracks (available FREE and LEGALLY thru yahoo! music)

1- Holy Diver
2- The Last in Line

and Then Some!
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