Heavyweight bout:

Flag of Brazil Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Flag of Croatia Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović via KO (Head Kick) at 4:51 in Round 1.

i jinxed him. i just know i did


oh well.

NO CROCOP vs. COUTURE NOW.. sigh. but then again, after last night, i doubt it would have been as exciting.
its official, from now on i'm not pimping any fighters here. or events. BEFORE the actual fight.

Possibly the ONLY UFC i'll ever watch.. (i hate UFC.. too much Hollywood, i mean: whats with the cage? more on that later)
anyway, Tomorrow "The CroCop" fights for a once-in-a-lifetime chance.. the chance to qualify for Randy Couture! hmm.. i guess i could well be the only one who made sense of the previous sentence.. let me try again in layman's terms:

there's this guy Randy Couture, ok?

He fights in this organization called the UFC. sweet?
Couture is the biggest meanest baddest SOB (not SoB) this side of Fedor Emelianenko. who's that you say? thats the reigning BADDEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

FEDOR. you can bleed him, you can break stuff off of him, he'll still sub you.
nuff said. Fedor fights in a separate organization named PrideFC.

now, there's this third guy, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, who had previously tried his hand (left foot, actually) at Fedor, and lost honorably.

CroCop quit Pride shortly after and joined UFC because he thought he had accomplished all he could, and it was time to move on.. well.. at least now cuz of that move, i am a bit interested in UFC as well.

Cro Cop is a legendary fighter, one of the world's best, the first to win over (and KTFO) Bob "The Beast" Sapp. now THAT was worth seeing! (tx to Kyubei for providing the footage)

a picture of Bob Sapp:

now CroCop wants to try his foot at Couture. scary stuff. Couture is like 40-something, and CroCop is 32..now, if Couture wins, it'll be MYTHICAL. LEGENDARY. all the UFC meatheads will crown him king and worship at his feet, and we (who are interested in this sort of shit, all two of us i guess) will never hear an end to "Couture is Captain America, Couture is Superman, hell, Couture eats Captain America AND Superman for breakfast, at the same time" etc.

if Cro Cop wins (which i think will happen) then those idiots will say it was unfair to Couture cuz of the age difference etc.
oh and by the way: Cro Cop is the SHIT.

anyway, in order for THAT fight to happen, Cro Cop has to win over yet ANOTHER bad-ass by the name of GABRIEL GONZAGA.

who that? scary mo'fo. that's all you need to know. real scary and competent at what he does.

that fight is tomorrow.
i want to see Cro Cop win tomorrow. i want to see Cro Cop win over Couture. Cro Cop deserves some glory after all the shit he got in PrideFC.

now the weird part is over:

why do people think MMA contests (UFC,PrideFC,Pancrase,etc) are brutal? why do people think they are barbaric?
Dont they have brains?


it is safer than boxing
it is safer than football (that's OUR kind of football AND the OTHER kind of football)

all in all, statistically speaking, MMA fighting is as safe as Cheerleading.

people who publicly state otherwise are STOOPID.
check THIS for proof of what i say.

i speak of ANYONE who has no problem watching stupid team games where athletes kick each other in the nuts trying to hit a single leather spehere, yet have an aneurysm the moment they see two people test each other's and their own limits in a contest where no-one else is there to save your ass if you screw up.

oh, and Boxing is stupid as well. God gave you legs, why don't you use them, dummy?

oh, and do you know WHY team-sports are so popular?
its cuz we humanz is so stoopid.

its all because of some ancient idiot not wanting to finish second-place, so he thought: "heyyy.. if me and the other guy compete ON THE SAME SIDE, that way, we BOTH WIN." so he went off and invented team-athletics.

so, other idiots see this, and they KNOW they can't get FIRST place, so they use his idea as well, the idea grows..
the idea becomes an institution.

how ironic is that, even in team sports, fans always tend to pick someone out as #1. Zidane, Beckham, Babe Ruth, oh etc. you get the drift.

you know why "street soccer" is now a HOT item? because people are starting to realize FEWER over-paid dumbasses on the playground equal more fun, more INDIVIDUAL SKILLS.
and what's with the gigantic Goal area? couldn't they make it any bigger? what if a truck wanted to go through it for some reason?
if it was up to me, i'd make the Football goal area as big as Hockey's.

that way i can justify all the millions the top strikers are getting paid.

anyway, sorry if you like team sports, please feel free to think i wasn't talking about you.

meanwhile, check out this killer Martial Artist demonstrating his "KROTTY" skills.

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