Rika Ishikawa vs Glaube Feitosa

Rika Ishikawa from the "Morning Musume Show" takes on Glaube Feitosa (IKO) in a tile breaking contest (subbed)

:D he was worried for a bit there!

The Sidewinders .. more details coming soon..

The Sidewinders: NY Jazz band

found at


drummer is practically my brother. we were inseparable till age 7, then he left off to NY, we both lost contact of each other, till i met him here about ten days ago or so. after 17 years :D

details later.

WTF?? U.S. walls off Baghdad neighborhood

"BAGHDAD - U.S. soldiers are building a three-mile wall to protect a Sunni Arab enclave surrounded by Shiite neighborhoods in a Baghdad area "trapped in a spiral of sectarian violence and retaliation," the military said.

When the wall is finished, the minority Sunni community of Azamiyah, on the eastern side of the Tigris River, will be gated, and traffic control points manned by Iraqi soldiers will be the only entries, the military said.

"Shiites are coming in and hitting Sunnis, and Sunnis are retaliating across the street," said Capt. Scott McLearn, of the U.S. 407th Brigade Support Battalion, which began the project April 10 and is working "almost nightly until the wall is complete," the statement said.

It said the concrete wall, including barriers as tall as 12 feet, "is one of the centerpieces of a new strategy by coalition and Iraqi forces to break the cycle of sectarian violence" in Baghdad."

found HERE

seen below is a picture of a Shi'i militia leader who regularly comes in to hit Sunnis:

seen below is a proposed diagram of how the wall around A'adhamiya (Azamiyah my ass) will protect the denizens from this evil, evil man. with the help of security personnel (also present in the diagram) posted along the wall:

FIRST SOME IDIOT THINKS OF A MOAT (the previous baghdad security plan)
and now THIS??

i am having an insightful future reading moment now: allow me to share with you:

this plan will fail horribly as did the ones before it. why? because they are not going after the real "headS" of the snake, those hiding behind official positions and titles.

however, i also predict one successful outcome of this wall plan:
it will make life even more miserable for the inhabitants.



Heavyweight bout:

Flag of Brazil Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Flag of Croatia Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović via KO (Head Kick) at 4:51 in Round 1.

i jinxed him. i just know i did


oh well.

NO CROCOP vs. COUTURE NOW.. sigh. but then again, after last night, i doubt it would have been as exciting.
its official, from now on i'm not pimping any fighters here. or events. BEFORE the actual fight.

Possibly the ONLY UFC i'll ever watch.. (i hate UFC.. too much Hollywood, i mean: whats with the cage? more on that later)
anyway, Tomorrow "The CroCop" fights for a once-in-a-lifetime chance.. the chance to qualify for Randy Couture! hmm.. i guess i could well be the only one who made sense of the previous sentence.. let me try again in layman's terms:

there's this guy Randy Couture, ok?

He fights in this organization called the UFC. sweet?
Couture is the biggest meanest baddest SOB (not SoB) this side of Fedor Emelianenko. who's that you say? thats the reigning BADDEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

FEDOR. you can bleed him, you can break stuff off of him, he'll still sub you.
nuff said. Fedor fights in a separate organization named PrideFC.

now, there's this third guy, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, who had previously tried his hand (left foot, actually) at Fedor, and lost honorably.

CroCop quit Pride shortly after and joined UFC because he thought he had accomplished all he could, and it was time to move on.. well.. at least now cuz of that move, i am a bit interested in UFC as well.

Cro Cop is a legendary fighter, one of the world's best, the first to win over (and KTFO) Bob "The Beast" Sapp. now THAT was worth seeing! (tx to Kyubei for providing the footage)

a picture of Bob Sapp:

now CroCop wants to try his foot at Couture. scary stuff. Couture is like 40-something, and CroCop is 32..now, if Couture wins, it'll be MYTHICAL. LEGENDARY. all the UFC meatheads will crown him king and worship at his feet, and we (who are interested in this sort of shit, all two of us i guess) will never hear an end to "Couture is Captain America, Couture is Superman, hell, Couture eats Captain America AND Superman for breakfast, at the same time" etc.

if Cro Cop wins (which i think will happen) then those idiots will say it was unfair to Couture cuz of the age difference etc.
oh and by the way: Cro Cop is the SHIT.

anyway, in order for THAT fight to happen, Cro Cop has to win over yet ANOTHER bad-ass by the name of GABRIEL GONZAGA.

who that? scary mo'fo. that's all you need to know. real scary and competent at what he does.

that fight is tomorrow.
i want to see Cro Cop win tomorrow. i want to see Cro Cop win over Couture. Cro Cop deserves some glory after all the shit he got in PrideFC.

now the weird part is over:

why do people think MMA contests (UFC,PrideFC,Pancrase,etc) are brutal? why do people think they are barbaric?
Dont they have brains?


it is safer than boxing
it is safer than football (that's OUR kind of football AND the OTHER kind of football)

all in all, statistically speaking, MMA fighting is as safe as Cheerleading.

people who publicly state otherwise are STOOPID.
check THIS for proof of what i say.

i speak of ANYONE who has no problem watching stupid team games where athletes kick each other in the nuts trying to hit a single leather spehere, yet have an aneurysm the moment they see two people test each other's and their own limits in a contest where no-one else is there to save your ass if you screw up.

oh, and Boxing is stupid as well. God gave you legs, why don't you use them, dummy?

oh, and do you know WHY team-sports are so popular?
its cuz we humanz is so stoopid.

its all because of some ancient idiot not wanting to finish second-place, so he thought: "heyyy.. if me and the other guy compete ON THE SAME SIDE, that way, we BOTH WIN." so he went off and invented team-athletics.

so, other idiots see this, and they KNOW they can't get FIRST place, so they use his idea as well, the idea grows..
the idea becomes an institution.

how ironic is that, even in team sports, fans always tend to pick someone out as #1. Zidane, Beckham, Babe Ruth, oh etc. you get the drift.

you know why "street soccer" is now a HOT item? because people are starting to realize FEWER over-paid dumbasses on the playground equal more fun, more INDIVIDUAL SKILLS.
and what's with the gigantic Goal area? couldn't they make it any bigger? what if a truck wanted to go through it for some reason?
if it was up to me, i'd make the Football goal area as big as Hockey's.

that way i can justify all the millions the top strikers are getting paid.

anyway, sorry if you like team sports, please feel free to think i wasn't talking about you.

meanwhile, check out this killer Martial Artist demonstrating his "KROTTY" skills.


ok, so i have nothing to write about ATM. i've been running around the Bullshido forums for so long now that almost anything i say would be of ZERO interest to the !MA world, i got this by email, so, instant post solution!
have fun testing your wits! i managed to solve 6 or 7 maybe (CORRECTION: FIVE ONLY :'( ), the rest were too hard or too..out of sight :D

here goes:

Scroll down slowly and be honest to yourself.

Think like a wizard .

1. ------------


Ans. = man overboard

Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it.

2. ------------

Ans. = I understand

OK .
Got the drift ?
Let's try a few now and see
how you fare ?

3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/

Ans. = reading between the lines

4. r


Ans. = cross road

Not having a good day now, are you ?

Redeem yourself.

5. cycle

Ans. = tricycle

Not easy to figure out ha!

6. ------------


Ans. = two degrees below zero

C'mon give it a little thought ! !

7. ------------


Ans. = neon light
( knee - on - light )

U can prove u r smart by getting this one.

8. ground

feet feet feet feet feet feet

Ans. = six feet underground

Oh no, not again ! !

9. he's X himself

Ans. = he's by himself

Now u messing up big time.

10. ecnalg

Ans. = backward glance

Not even close ! !

11. death ..... life

Ans. = life after death

Okay last chance .................


Ans. = think big ! !

And the last one is real fundoo - - -

13. ababaaabbbbaaaabbbbababaabbaaabbbb...

Ans. = long time no 'C'
( see )

No more boom boom for this Baby-San:

"See the sonsaBitches what they did to the bridge??"
My friend Q on the destruction of Sarrafiya bridge

"See? See? even THEY do it! I'm NOT a sissy-boy I tell you!"
Ban Ki Moon on Jalal alDin alSaghir doing a 10.0 backflip off the podium

"Ohhh my frikkin' head... hammered"
Superfly on the Council explosion

Ahh screw it all to hell. Three politicians wasted, So What?
Three dozen are already lined up to replace them.

I feel more hurt by a big pile of rusty steel falling in the river Tigris, than by the death of flesh-and-blood human beings, "elected" to govern us.

(insert proper descriptor of your choice)

all said and done, God have mercy on the dead.

and i didn't mention the number of civvies who were killed/injured at the bridge incident. If our leaders believe the civvies are worthless, why should i, humble sheep, dwell upon this matter?

i'll just click around to read about Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern's Mama.

update: check the pics.


i still dont buy the official story. same way i didnt buy the Jund el Sama'a story way back in the day.

for further structural details on what the bridge basically looked/looks like, this is a very very crude sketch of the bridge as i can remember it, before and after the boom:

done using MSPaint, there are some mistakes and things i missed (one is the connection points between frame segments, the other is the missing frames in the AFTER part) sorry. if i had more time i'd redo it.
(the errors tick me off, but not so much as to do it again)

the green ellipse is where i believe the ONE TRUCK theory takes places. it still does not sufficiently explain the other segment falling.. marked with the (???)
i'm thinking two points of impact that killed off the two supporting columns.
if it WAS one bomb, i think the one who designed it/executed it should be giving lectures in Civil Engineering classes.

fixed the stuff i think was wrong with the previous incarnation of the crappy sketch.
Also, David convinced me there could be only one bomb after all.. still.. i really have a trust-issue with people in charge :) something always smells when they're around.

Final Update:
What If?
While discussing this subject, i didn't find a sufficient motive for anyone to do this, some people were talking the usual shit: "American Planes hit the bridge, they want to close all bridges on Tigris" Why??? and no one would give me an answer. at least one which is not easily thrashed.
if they really wanted to close the bridges all they need is a few slabs of concrete and a length of barbwire.

some are talking the more current shit: "Sunni's/Shia's/Zogs hit the bridge, they want to establish front lines across baghdad" Why??? i mean, if i wanted to go kill people on the "other side" wouldn't i want to go back to my people again? how would i get there in the first place? by boat?? besides, Thawra/Sadr City (Shia) is actually close to A'adhamiyah (Sunni), and it takes only a few minutes drive ON LAND to get from one to the other.

so, i am left with two possibilities i could think of:

A) it was done by bloodthirsty terrorists for the purpose of terror: BUT, wouldn't they have chosen RUSH HOUR? it went off at 7am, if i wanted to achieve maximum mortalities, i'd blow it between 12-3 pm.

B) it was a screw-up. somebody set the timer wrong, and the bomb blew up EARLY, en route to its intended target. which is reasonable, seeing that the killers wanted to travel when the roads were still relatively free.. besides, there are a number of army/political party targets in that area (waziriyah) most of which are light to moderately guarded.

that is, IF the truck-bomb theory proved right. if remnants of explosive charges were found, then all bets are off.

what do you think?

Spring in Lhasa

or rather, NUFKASU
My Alma Mater:
Nahrain University, Foremerly Known As Saddam University.
courtesy of Master at Nahrain U. Forums at 7shasha.com. (Thank you, Mega SoB-Sama!)

SuperFly By JoeCartoon

as promised earlier, these are the brain-numbing SuperFly Cartoons, courtesy of the legendary Joe Cartoon

enjoy :)

Qui-Gon Jinn revisited:

"Yes..Yes.. FREEEE CEEELLLL... yes, put it right there, Yes, like that! Yes, i want it here.. Yes....ohhh yes"

"Free Cell-eeeee... I want my Free Cell-eeee.. give me my Free Cell-eee pleeeeeeeease yes my Free Cell-eeeeeeee yes yes yes there it is, my FREE-CELLEEEEEEE oh right there yes yes thats it OHHHH YES.."
you'd think someone was having an orgasm.

i thunk it too.
those were the first things Aunt B uttered (LOUDLY, in a shrill orgasmic voice) when i had her computer up and running.
and she meant every single one.

but wait, i'm ahead of myself: let me take you through the whole thing from where i left you last time:
i SWEAR every single word of the written below is 100% TRUE and NOT exaggerations.

after the initial shock (which felt i imagine rather like a cattle-prod up my rectum) i actually managed to hold back the things i wanted to say or do, and stare at aunt B with a blank expression, it was not however, as blank as the one i encountered:

A: "its empty, the case is empty, the case, you see? empty! IT IS EMPTY!"
B: "Aaaaahhaaaa?? so?"
A: "fgurfglemurgle"

A: "huff.. huff. aunt B, trust me on this, you cannot connect it like this, you have to buy other stuff."
B: "yes? what other stuff? is it necessary?"
A: "yes. it is very necessary. i swear by God. please, believe me? necessary..please?"

B: "ohhkaaayyy?? how much money?"
A: "i'm guessing about 300$, and that's the cheapest i can think of, with just the bare bones and noth.."
B: "oooohhhh that's expensive, but please dont go into details you know how i dont like details and cant understand them blah blah etc etc"
A: "......"

A: "lets take it back to Company X, and you know what? let's have THEM put it together for you, so you can get a warranty and everything"
B: "ahhhaaaaaaaa? ohkay."

vroom vroom..

we're off to Company X, which isn't very far.. along the way, she turns to me and goes:
"how much for a CISCO Wireless Router?"

internally i go OMG! *&%$#!!! WTF????

A: "What? Why? Huh?? Wireless Router?"
B: "Yes yes my brother has one and he told me about it and i want one of those too, i can't be seen without one..etc etc blah blah"
A: "ahaaa.. well, to be honest i dont know models and prices, we'll just go and see, however i trust D-Link and Linksys and..."
B: "huh?? what? sorry? what were you saying? So sorry but when i'm hungry i can't concentrate and can't even eat so i be more hungry and then i cant..etc.."
A: "nevermind."

we finally arrive at Company X retail and maintenance building, she double parks, and the park attendant tears ME a new one cuz we have iraqi license plates and its impolite to be harsh to a woman, so the guy with her (yours truly) gets it. She is convinced we need to park LEGALLY, and thus takes a couple of turns circling the park till she finds a parking spot she's satisfied with.

i'm carrying the power supply and empty case, she comes off, chewing something (she says gum, i like to believe its cud) and zooms off into the store.. the security guy at the door stops me for trying to smuggle parts INTO the retail shop and tells me to direct my sorry ass towards the maintenance department
"sir, its not allowed to bring parts BACK into retail"

i tell him a short version of my story and convince him we're there to BUY stuff to PUT into the case.. One look at her and he understands, and sympathetically offers to safekeep the parts with HIM till we finish buying the stuff.

she then runs off after spotting the salesman who apprently sold her the case, and then proceeds to chew off his head for "NOT TELLING ME THE PENTIUM WAS EMPTY"

S1: "Ma'am i'm sorry but i honestly thought you wanted just the case"
B: "do i look like an idiot to you? why you trick me like this? you trickster you.. now off with you and bring me another salesman"

apologizing, he goes and alerts another salesman to our presence: (the Customer is always Right, ohhh how the great unwashed -but with BUNDLES OF $$$s- coming out of my homeland, have abused thee)
the second guy comes, stifling a laugh, he's polite, and professional enough not to roll on the floor laughing at us. i like him.
S2: "yes ma'am? what would you be needing?"
me: "we need the WHOLE thing: let's name specs and prices: what have you?"
S2: "well, here we have.."

half an hour later, and with Aunt B's presence ever so near behind me (like the dark side of the force) we have everything settled and we're gonna pay. the bill is just under 300$.

something clicks (audibly :p) in her head and she goes: "Wireless Router!"

S2: "aha..well ma'am, the cheapest we have is Linksys, for about 70$ with tax, and wireless cards are 45$ + tax too each, also Linksy.."
B: "Woooowwww thats tooo expensive.. why do we need those 'Cards' for? are they necessary? my brother didnt say i needed them"

A: "yes, you need them to receive the signal.. um.. look, its like Radio, you see? you have THIS central station, right? and then you have to have THESE THINGS you put in your pc like Aerials, you see? Radio-Station-Aerials, aha?"

both she and the salesman are looking at me.
she in absolute blankness, as if i've just mutated into a green 30-foot tall japanese-speaking killer penguin from the planet Zog,
and the salesman is trying to put what i've said into "normal-speak" tech terms.. he finally decides what i spoke was essentially correct, and grins at me.
i feel small. very small.

feeling dead from the neck up, i tell her "how about wired routers? they should cost around 20$ and cable is about 70cents a meter, i reckon you need 30"
B: "yes yes lets, its cheaper"

then i remembered i needed a RAM upgrade, so i asked the salesman for it, i didnt have the money on me so i'd pick it up later
S2 "Sure sir, just remember to bring your..mother..with you so we give you a 'discount' .. grin grin"
A: "But she's not, i mean, she's not, she's a friend and..ohhhhh okay."

Dear God I'm microscopic. I hope no one steps on me on the way out.

we dump the stuff into maintenance, and agree to pick it up the next day.

this is the point where i wrote my first post:

now: a day later, i hold my breath, cross my fingers and kick myself mentally a few times in the head, i pick up my "backup-modified" copy of WindowsXP, just in case, and i'm ready to go: she comes and pick me up.. the time is 6 pm.

along the way i'm silent, mostly:

just this:
A: "ma'am, your pc should be done and ready, and i'll just connect the router and go home.. just one note: i dont think it will be able to play the newest games"
B: "NOooooo! Whyyyyy?? but.. but.. but my daughter will be so sad.. and oh God.. please tell me i can play FreeCell? did you bring it with you? please put FreeCell for me?"

A: "Ohhhh don't you worry now, i'll see what i can do."
i die a little more.

we pick up the stuff and head for home: i discover they don't have any power outlets anywhere near where they want to put the pc, AND they have only ONE extension cord in the whole house. shit.
after a few magical acts of contortion (thank God i'm 'Limber') i manage to put everything together and route all the cables thru the back.. power on, and wham!
'Windows XP - Trial Version 14 days remaining'
shit. i knew this was gonna happen. i put my copy, format and install everything again, drivers and additional software, everything.

then comes aunt B running: "what happened with the FreeCell? were you able to put it? huh? yes? yes?"
A: "Yes aunt B, there it is, now where do you want me to put the shortcut for you?"

--insert the first few lines of this post here--

God almighty!
Beside me is a 40yr old woman, bleach-blonde, wearing stuff an 18yr old might call racy and she's virtually having an orgasm right there!
that is something EVERYONE must see before they die.

Holy Shock and Awe, Batman!

that was the breaking point.
after the first few moments the shock subsided and i found myself dangerously tempted to do several acts to her,
the kindest and mildest of which involve me shoving my fist through her mouth and out the back of her head, just to see if that would shut her up. i swear i had that thought.
along with several others not fit for print.
most involved inserting objects/bodyparts of incompatible shapes and sizes into each other. without a shoe-horn.

but then i remembered she's a family friend and doing such stuff to family friends is strictly a No-No.

she offered to give me DINNER for "my efforts and troubles", i declined, and was promptly driven home.


In conclusion, I've learned to appreciate life in a whole other way.
my skin gained an extra inch of thickness, and I'm still trying to regain the 30 points of IQ i lost.

people, HEAR YE:
enjoy your life to the fullest, cherish your loved ones AND YOUR INTELLIGENCE.
You never know when you might have such an experience.

God give me strength:

for i am about to implode.
I'm home, its late, and my graymatter has reached flashpoint.

let me walk you through what led me to my current sorry state:

i wake up, LATE, i find a note waiting for me, to call Aunt B, a friend of ours who, as the note says, "has trouble putting her new computer together"..
hmm.. i thought: ok, should be no prob, i've previously done stuff for her sister, which proved mildly irritating cuz i got paid in FOOD. (yeah, "Will work for food", that seems to be the idea people have of me these days :)) )
so i ring her, and she's all nice and gonna come pick me up and later return me (and maybe give me a sandwich or something) and i needn't bring anything, just me and myself. (that's the other me)

so, along the road we talk:
A13: "congrats for the new pc"

B: "yeah, well, i got it 3 days ago, and still i can't figure out how to connect it"

A13: "its no problem, everything is color coded, blue into blue and green and so on.."

B: "What colors? there are no colors!"

at this point i'm thinking that the mouse and keyboard have black connectors, and henceforth the trouble in "putting the pc together"..

B: "oh, we didn't buy a FULL PC, just the Pentium 4 case, the monitor, the speakers, the keyboard and the mouse... oh why you looking at me like that? i saw FULL PC prices and they were so expensive, 700$s and more, the one i bought cost me much less than half that.. i bought it from Company X.."

at first my eye-brows attempted to leave my face, then came back with her explanation, i thought: she didn't buy a Brand-Name system, the guys at Company X (which is very famous and very reliable around here) must have custom-built it.. at least she seems smart enough to buy cheap..

at this point we arrive at the house, i am given coffee and a chocolate (here it comes, i think) and then i'm off to her daughter's bedroom where the pc "parts" are gathered..

i put the monitor on the desk (a nice LCD -17"ish?- she got it for like 200$.. one day i'll get one of those, they look and display nice) connect the cables and route them thru the back of the desk, then i put the keyboard and mouse in place, speakers as well, then i ask for the case itself so i can connect everything and leave early..

her little daughter (age 12) comes in, carrying the case single-handedly, as if carrying a cellphone or something similar of weight (i'm in shock for like 3 seconds, this girl is half my age, yet she's already carrying cases in ONE HAND?? Scary little girl!) .. in her other hand, a power supply.
i realize the case is empty.

"its missing one of the front panels, there's a hole in the front, but the DVD is there already"

oh crap. now i get it. the pc isn't connected MEANS: the pc COMPONENTS are autonomous.
from her description (a hole in the front/DVD) sounds like there are TWO drives, just one of them is connected.. what kind of a half assed company would semi-assemble a pc then deliver it?
still, crap.
i have to BUILD AND INSTALL. double crap.

i see the case, its empty, i open it and look inside, weird.. no drives. just some screws in a nylon baggie and a power cable. on the face of the case, a plastic panel where a drive can be installed reads DVD, the one below it is missing... looks like i'll just put the drive they have, here. hm.

ok, a deep breath..

"so A, please connect it?"
"sure aunt B, but where are the rest of the components?"
"there you go!"
she hands me the power-supply and a screw-driver.

"yes, thank you, now the rest, where are they?"
i am handed a power-cable and a bridge-cable.

"yes that is helpful but the rest please so i can begin?"

"ohhhhh... there is ALL the rest in front of you! cant you see it?"

she is pointing at the case.

the one on my lap.

the EMPTY case.

"isn't it nice? Oh, and so CHEAP too, this pentium! i got it for 30$!! IMAGINE THAT! aren't i thrifty? now please can you hurry and connect it up to the screen? my brother just sent me, he's in my messenger!"

Oh. My. God.