WTF???? + WTF???? pt.2

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"NMA - Necromantic Martial Arts

Discover the 7000 year old secrets of this startling Babylonian art, now available by mail order.

Become immune to teh Dim Mak death touch

Resist all pressure points strikes

Be able to carry on fighting even with broken limbs and missing body parts

never be afraid of glass or Lava on the street ever again.

Guarenteed to be the most effective reality based fighting style you'll ever need.
Physical fitness is not required, nor are long hours of study needed. Just quote the appropriate spells from our Tome Of Power (tm) to transform your body into an unstoppable unliving death dealing machine.

People under 16 should obtain their parents or guardians permission before ordering."

[The Black Knight, Anyone?]

i found this as-is.
i did not alter anything in any way except insert spacings to accomodate myself (whatitscalled? Astigmatism, or something like that, anyway, oh, and added the picture/visual aid, too)

seriously, i'll be back soon with a real post.


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