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Now,this is a subject in which i find pleasure conversing, no, its Blues, not per se, its:



late last year i was introduced to the Heavy Metal band "Orphaned Land", with their new album Mabool,
a good album, with a funky oriental twist (riiight, funky twist my ass. they ripped off whole songs from '50's egypt. still, it was GOOD listening to them, Heavy Metal style)

the story of me getting the album is funny/stupid:
you see: the local metal shop kept bugging me half dead to get their album, but i kept putting it off for two reasons:
1. i wasn't about to fork over my "dream theater" money, no sir.
2. i wasn't entirely comfortable with the concept. i mean, this was like in the middle of the freaking mess that happened last year, it was the month of Ramadan, Palestinians and Israelis were going toe-to-toe in the streets (this was BEFORE all the stupid in-fighting started) with lots blood and lotsa death. major bad.

so, yeah, i was not completely comfortable with the concept of me listening to an "Israeli" metal band, more like.. 80~90%.

(also, and honestly, the money was a big limiting factor here, if i HAD an extra CD-worth, i'd have gotten it right there)

i remember i told the guy: "now Samir, i promise you, once this mess passes, like all the ones before it, i'll be the first to buy this"

when i returned home, i thought: STOOPID! good music is just that, good MUSIC. no matter who's playing it.
still, being Ramadan and all, i stayed at home, wasting my $s on food and the sorts.
i forget about the subject completely.
BAM! one month later, the mess is all over, and voila, KyuBei comes to Jordan. hm.
so, while being with him at the same shop, Samir starts giving suggestions, and yes, i remember this band, so i tell him about it: (i was buying other things: Andy Timmons Band's Resolution)
he takes a listen, and decides its worth it. he buys the cd :)
later, i take it and "make a backup", for archiving purposes, of course ;)

so anyway, the album was a bit disappointing, standard fare and all that. besides, Heavy Metal is not really/was not really my thing to begin with. i played it for other people, not for me.


in my college graduation party -2003- i played a bit of guitar with two friends, we did a couple of songs: i guess one was a MetallicA song (? God i can't remember! will have to ask KyuBei or someone who has copies of the video.. Fade to Black i guess..oops. its actually Call of Ktulu, playing Hetfield's part :D )

later on, i did a solo rendition of the old Saddam-era national anthem, "Half-assed Hendrix Star-Spangled Banner" style :D

Sadly, the camera-man cut it out of the final version. saying: "you nuts? you want to get us all in trouble?"

i still remember why i learned/played it the way i did: we were out of a war (still are coming out of it, i guess), everyone was going: "its ALL Saddam's fault, We are your new gods, worship us", and i thought it sucked. and WILL SUCK for a LOOOOONG time to come. all the death, the destruction, and the pain that happened and will happen.

so i chose a happy symbol from my younger days:

my elementary school.
every Thursday, we would line up, fresh air, the sun so bright, (but somehow not this scorching!) the national anthem would be played, while an idiot teacher would come over with a rifle and fire three blanks in the air!
(this was mandatory: so we be tough and get used to the sound of bullets, the buggers!)

and we would all sing the national anthem, my friends around me, boys and girls, and when that moment comes, the shots are going to be fired, our voices would start faltering, some are already flinching, some girls closing their ears, its coming, we don't know when, we are all tense and expecting, then
and Oh God, how sweet is the flood of relief that washes over us after that, knowing that its thursday, and come hell or high water, its only 4 more hours until the weekend!
(thursday's schedule was from 8am -12 pm, half a day!)

those were some of the happiest days of my life, naturally, being a child, with no worries.
sometimes i guess i still am. :)

so, screw everyone who thinks everything in the past was bad and needed "throwing out",
screw anyone who cares about ONE iraqi politician almost killed, and forgets MILLIONS who are in a world of shit.
AND screw everyone seeking to divide the school, the city, the country i grew up in.

but, that's just me. a big child with big childish ideas of how the world should be.
and that, is why i chose the old Anthem.


back to Trask: an Israeli band, formed in 2002, Blues, GOOD. REAL GOOD.
came across them via Bill, thank you, again! :)
check them out, NOW! (if you happen to like Blues, that is.. and for the rest of you, you don't know what you're missing)

i leave you with Stormy Monday: nothing better to finish this post with.

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