of Spam and Proxies:

After a fun (albeit tiring) cat & mouse game last night where i fought against the rightly-deserved ban @ Melantrys.net, i found myself suddenly drifting back to my old house, on my P3, using a stolen username & password to access the net thru the government-controlled Uruk/Warkaa servers.

At those times i had to wait till dawn so that the legitimate account owner (a relative) would sign-off, and i would be able to sign-in.
at those times i remember the fee for one year of internet was WAYY BEYOND ME, i mean, just Email Access thru POP3 was 250'000 Dinars, about 200$s, which for ME, was a big sum.
Anyway, one day i was trying to get wallpapers from DreamTheaterXtreme.net (sic?) and whoa, i was cut-off. (access forbidden - contact -----@warkaa.net for technical details)
-Xtreme was a filtered word, along with Hardcore or XXX or the rest of porn-alluding shit-

and so began my love-hate relationship with Proxy IP addresses.

they were useful last night (spammed a meaningful thread half to death)
:) still, i hate them for being so slow.


on another account:

why can't blogger have an IP-ban tool? i just might suggest it to them.. hm.
i mean, wordpress has it, and blogger would only let me if i hosted my site on my own rented space. no joy. no joy at all.
this is geriatric technology. screw JAVASCRIPT support if i can't ban an IP or two.
heyyy.. now THAT is an interesting concept. J-Script IP-Blocker..
HEYYY INDEED IT EXISTS! (reaction after yahoo'ing it)
still, 3rd party shit definitely does not stand up to 1st party shit.
if shit stood up at all, that is.
i've been looking for much more complex tools, when the answer was right here.

i will write about this to blogger, hope they can implement something of the like.


last post's comment by Zeyad triggered a train of thoughts in my ADD-addled brain.
(i believe i do have some form of Attention Deficit Disorder):

PLEASE, PEOPLE, this blog was never intended to be FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.
i mean, just read the freaking header:

"At last. At Laaaaaast. AT LAST I CAN UNLEASH MY TWISTED F***ED-UP MIND ON THE POOR UNSUSPECTING WORLD! MWA HA HA HA HA.. yeah whatever. take a look around, you might actually like some of whats in here!. Ta."

there you have it. :) I really meant it. honest.

/* too lazy to configure Jscript code, also, i'm not THAT aggressive to block the whole site, so i implemented an IP address comment blocker-for dummies- via HALOSCAN. remember the "disgruntled" bugger a dozen crappy posts back?
too bad i didn't have a specific IP address, so i went and blocked his entire range.
i just hope i got it right.. but then again i have a feeling this will sort itself out. */
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