Maha Geri / Sankoku (Triangle) / Brazilian Kick

WARNING: this is a non-mainstream post: do not read if you think martial arts are stupid.

Having nothing better to do till Thursday (managed to finish off the remainder of the less-serious dental work) i sat down to watch re-runs of yesterday's movies:
Click, and suddenly Blade II is onscreen.
having seen it for the nth time, i decided to flip somewhere else, however, a fight scene came up, and since i love to point out the silly points of all martial arts movies, Hollywood esp. i decided to keep watching, something good might come out of it. (and surprisingly i don't remember disecting this particular movie, despite the million or so viewings)

now, i'm not very fond of martial arts in movies, in fact, as a general rule i HATE them, because they show a totally different picture from what real fighting is like. (there is a handful of movies that defies this rule, however, and in the end i will point them out)

surprisingly, i found only one or two worth mentioning.

Other than having stupidly-silly "superhuman" power, Blade's fighting style was good.
everything was solid, none of them chuck norris-style kicks, or bruce lee's bouncy stance.

the fighting style itself is a hybrid of a few arts:
i recognized Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Muay-Thai, Full Contact Karate, a little Tai Qi, and some Pro Wrestling thrown in as well.

nice. it would've been nicer if not for the stupid super powers. or if the movie itself had a script.

one move i'm yet to see in ANY martial arts movie, is the Brazilian Kick. (Triangle, in Iraq)
despite its effectiveness, esp in getting past defenses and knocking the opponent's teeth out, AND in its unorthodox trajectory en route to the face, it is VERY unknown compared to the other kicks made famous in crappy martial arts movies.

i'm proud to announce that after a few years of trying it out, i'm finally able to do it properly with my left foot. the right still needs a few more weeks/months.

this kick was called the Sankoku (Triangle) cuz of the triangle-shaped movement the leg has to pass thru before landing successfully, it is one of the more complex kicks to be learned in any martial art, and i am proud to say it is NATIVE to MY school. :)
it was named the Brazilian Kick due to so many Brazilian fighters making it popular, esp. Filho and Feitosa.
Muay Thai guys copied it off us, some call it Kyokushin Kick, while others use Brazilian Kick as a name..
even TaeKwonDo guys are attempting it nowadays, calling it Thai kick or something like that!

explaining it with words wouldn't make it any more clear, so i will leave you with this incredible highlight of Sensei Glaube Feitosa, Brazilian Kicker extraordinaire!

Feitosa video:

the Filho vs. Andy video:

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