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The following post is a survey that the next post will depend on. It contains simple questionnaire about an ordinary situation that has occurred to almost everyone of so I hope that u’ll be kind enough to spare some of your time and answer the questions given by pointing to the choice that u most likely to do in your ordinary life and I’m already thankful for your kindness…

You have a very important meeting with some officials (let’s say that your career depends on the outcome of this meeting) and it is a meeting that u definitely don’t want to mess up.

1.The meetings has been assigned three days from now so u will:

A- Focus only on the subject u r going to propose and make sure u r going to cove all points.
B- Try to collect information about the people u r going to meet up with their likings and dislikings week points and strong points.
C- After minor preparations for what u r going to say u decide that u’ll depend on your wit in this and see how things goes.

2.After doing all the required preparations for the meetings u found out that u have an extra five hours before the meetings so u will:

A-Sit back and relax may be get some sleep.
B-Perform a second check on what u r going to say and search thoroughly for pints that u may have missed.
C-Start thinking how things could get wrong and worry about that.

3.You r going to get dressed up for the meeting so u will:

A-Dress up casual in cloths that is comfortable for u.
B-Put on your fancy 10000$ suit.
C-Put on something neither too fancy nor informal.

4.Before the meeting u will:

A-Worry your ass off thinking of everything to go wrong.

B-Convince yourself that your request would be rejected in order not to be upset if it did.

C-Convince yourself that it is a peace of cake and that u know for sure that your request will be accepted.

5.You r now in the meeting room and the people u r going to meet haven’t shown up yet and u noticed that the chair u r going to sit on has a defect that made it lower than other chairs so u will:

A-Quickly change the chair before they enter the room.
B-U will pay no attention for such a trivial matter and focus on more important things.
C-U won’t risk being seen changing the chair so u’ll wait till they enter the room and when u sit u will point at the defect in your chair and u’ll change it then.

6.After an hour of tiring arguments they mention a week point in your proposal that u haven’t thought off so u will:

A-Acknowledge how sharp they r and tell them that it may have some week points but they overall benefits is satisfactory.
B-You’ll get confused and say that u haven’t thought of that.
C-You’ll act cool and point at another strong point in your proposal that is relevant to what they said then u tell them to think about it while u go to the bathroom where u r going to find a suitable answer for their question.

7.You think that your performance in the meeting is splendid yet they turn u down so u will:

A-Get upset and decide that u’ll quit this job since u suck at it.
B-You’ll study why u were turned down and make use of your errors and start again somewhere else.
C-You’ll say that there is nothing wrong with u and that there must be something wrong with the people in the meeting.

That is all folks and I hope that I didn't bother u and please try to answer with what u think u’ll do not what is better to do since I’m not here to judge anyone and thank u again for your time and effort and may God bless us all…

P.S. for my blogger friends I'll be very grateful if u may spread the word cause I need at least 10 different surveys and thank u for your effort.

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