After two months of dull pain on the left side of my face, i finally gave up and decided to go do that root canal i've been putting off.
he found some other issues i've been keeping to myself as well.

i think i should've told the doctor my blood doesn't coagulate very quickly. and should've told him that BEFORE he decided to pull out one of my wisdom teeth.
(i'm not hemophiliac thank God, i just take longer than usual to stop bleeding, so when i have surgeries -and i had a couple- i am usually given some drugs to "thicken" my blood)

correction on Fightclub: you CAN swallow more than two pints of blood before you get sick. the trick is to take it over the course of 24 hours, not instantaneously.

i still have the other 3 to take care of, that will be next weekend, i hope, as this would require surgery and other crap. (they are "horizontally extended" and are affecting the teeth next to them)

it sucks when you brush your teeth three times a day yet still you have to get root canals.
i have overall good bone density/structure, why did my teeth have to be so "soft"? (as the dentist would say)

well, there's a reason for everything.. maybe this is life's way of telling me to stop training for a few days? hm.

Still, God bless Dentists. and Brufen.

anyway, sorry for this hasty post, i'll post again sometime next week i think.
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