before i forget:

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Ok, now that i am a little more coherent than last night: let me run this by you again:

first, no i'm not on drugs ;) just that dabbling in xml for two straight hours when you should have been in bed four hours ago, is NOT a good idea.
writing anything after you finish that, is even a worse idea!

My post does look like a mix between code and normal speak, and i am deeply terribly honestly sorry if it bothered any of your senses or faculties :D

so: basically after being "advised" to bring back the old comments, then some more "advice" late last night/morning, i decided to be nice and find a solution that will satisfy everyone (except me, possibly)
so i started rummaging through the Haloscan Forums, till i found a thread that explained my situation and taught me how to solve it.
after another hour, switching templates, adding, removing, saving, and testing, the bloody thing started working properly, so i went to bed happy with the thought that i did good.

now: part of why this was aggravated was because my harddrive decided to faint (that's the thing it does before dying altogether) and scared the shit out of me, thankfully i had just recieved my old harddrive from Baghdad, and altho used, but it had windows in it already, after repairing the old installation so that it would accept the other hardware, everything was ok, so i started saving all the data i had on my (gonna be faulty) hard on dvds, while doing that i also surfed some sites, wrote some comments, but was not online for any amount longer than 10 minutes altogether.
so, sorry, anyone, if you thought i was ignoring your comments, or offlines, or anything.
i just did not have time to answer.

Also: i am very thrilled to tell you that as of tomorrow, there will be a census here to "count" the number of Iraqis in Jordan, and "correct" their situation.

those with residency cards will be allowed to live in peace and harmony, with birds
yakkity-yakking over their heads,
and those without will not collect 200$, and will not pass Go. and will go directly to.. Iraq.

that is: this new procedure has one of two possible outcomes:

1) cut-off and reduce the number of iraqis in general in jordan, and maybe haul them off back to the promised land from which they came. which is thinly-veiled suicide for most.

2) some say it's a measure to counter and limit the rising "Shi'a influence" in here.

it's too early to judge which way this will go, but either way, i really doubt its something we Iraqis need.

Now, all of this is no big deal for people lucky enough to have muchos dineros (150'000 USD in the bank) to get themselves and their immediate family residency cards, or those with enough personal connections to land themselves a job that qualifies them for residency.

Sadly, for me, it is. get the point? ;)

Like Alanis says "and life has a funny way..."

again, sorry if my posts were a little more out of focus than the usual. i plan to be more focused in upcoming posts.

Ladies and Gentlemen i just fooking proved i CAN NOT be Iraqi.

if there is a prize for that, i would definitely be awarded it.
look down below, yes, right there: and you will see TWO, note, TWO comment fields:

2. is BLOGGER.

* yes, and the old comments are also back on-line.

* you should be able to use EITHER to comment. i really really hate this fooked up idea because of all the mess it will make of this blog. um.. scratch that! this here can't b more freaking messed up if i wanted it to be!

* i've already used the word "fooking" 3 times so far. My brain is overheating from lack of sleep.

* my harddisk decided to start fooking up all of a sudden, and i had to mix-and-match and empty it and format and try to fix and ohhhh brother you are NOT interested in the details. hell, even I am NOT interested in the details.

* the moment i finish everything and get online, i get my head chewed off for being rude/impolite/-----/etc.

* i'm too sleepy to say what i really want to say. or maybe too polite.

* so i just went and found a solution to the comment problem. stole it actually.

* see? and people go out of their way to tell me i'm inconsiderate or unkind or whatever.
oh brother.

anyway, to use the OLD comments, click on "OLDER POSTS" down below and keep clickety-clicking till you reach the post you want, copy and backup to your heart's extent, and be happy. PLEASE.

thank you. i'm off to bed.

PLEASE do notify me of any comment threads you find missing:
i seem to have turned OFF some comment threads for absolutely no reason other than me being a scatter-brain.
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