before i forget:

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Ok, now that i am a little more coherent than last night: let me run this by you again:

first, no i'm not on drugs ;) just that dabbling in xml for two straight hours when you should have been in bed four hours ago, is NOT a good idea.
writing anything after you finish that, is even a worse idea!

My post does look like a mix between code and normal speak, and i am deeply terribly honestly sorry if it bothered any of your senses or faculties :D

so: basically after being "advised" to bring back the old comments, then some more "advice" late last night/morning, i decided to be nice and find a solution that will satisfy everyone (except me, possibly)
so i started rummaging through the Haloscan Forums, till i found a thread that explained my situation and taught me how to solve it.
after another hour, switching templates, adding, removing, saving, and testing, the bloody thing started working properly, so i went to bed happy with the thought that i did good.

now: part of why this was aggravated was because my harddrive decided to faint (that's the thing it does before dying altogether) and scared the shit out of me, thankfully i had just recieved my old harddrive from Baghdad, and altho used, but it had windows in it already, after repairing the old installation so that it would accept the other hardware, everything was ok, so i started saving all the data i had on my (gonna be faulty) hard on dvds, while doing that i also surfed some sites, wrote some comments, but was not online for any amount longer than 10 minutes altogether.
so, sorry, anyone, if you thought i was ignoring your comments, or offlines, or anything.
i just did not have time to answer.

Also: i am very thrilled to tell you that as of tomorrow, there will be a census here to "count" the number of Iraqis in Jordan, and "correct" their situation.

those with residency cards will be allowed to live in peace and harmony, with birds
yakkity-yakking over their heads,
and those without will not collect 200$, and will not pass Go. and will go directly to.. Iraq.

that is: this new procedure has one of two possible outcomes:

1) cut-off and reduce the number of iraqis in general in jordan, and maybe haul them off back to the promised land from which they came. which is thinly-veiled suicide for most.

2) some say it's a measure to counter and limit the rising "Shi'a influence" in here.

it's too early to judge which way this will go, but either way, i really doubt its something we Iraqis need.

Now, all of this is no big deal for people lucky enough to have muchos dineros (150'000 USD in the bank) to get themselves and their immediate family residency cards, or those with enough personal connections to land themselves a job that qualifies them for residency.

Sadly, for me, it is. get the point? ;)

Like Alanis says "and life has a funny way..."

again, sorry if my posts were a little more out of focus than the usual. i plan to be more focused in upcoming posts.

Ladies and Gentlemen i just fooking proved i CAN NOT be Iraqi.

if there is a prize for that, i would definitely be awarded it.
look down below, yes, right there: and you will see TWO, note, TWO comment fields:

2. is BLOGGER.

* yes, and the old comments are also back on-line.

* you should be able to use EITHER to comment. i really really hate this fooked up idea because of all the mess it will make of this blog. um.. scratch that! this here can't b more freaking messed up if i wanted it to be!

* i've already used the word "fooking" 3 times so far. My brain is overheating from lack of sleep.

* my harddisk decided to start fooking up all of a sudden, and i had to mix-and-match and empty it and format and try to fix and ohhhh brother you are NOT interested in the details. hell, even I am NOT interested in the details.

* the moment i finish everything and get online, i get my head chewed off for being rude/impolite/-----/etc.

* i'm too sleepy to say what i really want to say. or maybe too polite.

* so i just went and found a solution to the comment problem. stole it actually.

* see? and people go out of their way to tell me i'm inconsiderate or unkind or whatever.
oh brother.

anyway, to use the OLD comments, click on "OLDER POSTS" down below and keep clickety-clicking till you reach the post you want, copy and backup to your heart's extent, and be happy. PLEASE.

thank you. i'm off to bed.

PLEASE do notify me of any comment threads you find missing:
i seem to have turned OFF some comment threads for absolutely no reason other than me being a scatter-brain.

of Spam and Proxies:

After a fun (albeit tiring) cat & mouse game last night where i fought against the rightly-deserved ban @, i found myself suddenly drifting back to my old house, on my P3, using a stolen username & password to access the net thru the government-controlled Uruk/Warkaa servers.

At those times i had to wait till dawn so that the legitimate account owner (a relative) would sign-off, and i would be able to sign-in.
at those times i remember the fee for one year of internet was WAYY BEYOND ME, i mean, just Email Access thru POP3 was 250'000 Dinars, about 200$s, which for ME, was a big sum.
Anyway, one day i was trying to get wallpapers from (sic?) and whoa, i was cut-off. (access forbidden - contact for technical details)
-Xtreme was a filtered word, along with Hardcore or XXX or the rest of porn-alluding shit-

and so began my love-hate relationship with Proxy IP addresses.

they were useful last night (spammed a meaningful thread half to death)
:) still, i hate them for being so slow.


on another account:

why can't blogger have an IP-ban tool? i just might suggest it to them.. hm.
i mean, wordpress has it, and blogger would only let me if i hosted my site on my own rented space. no joy. no joy at all.
this is geriatric technology. screw JAVASCRIPT support if i can't ban an IP or two.
heyyy.. now THAT is an interesting concept. J-Script IP-Blocker..
HEYYY INDEED IT EXISTS! (reaction after yahoo'ing it)
still, 3rd party shit definitely does not stand up to 1st party shit.
if shit stood up at all, that is.
i've been looking for much more complex tools, when the answer was right here.

i will write about this to blogger, hope they can implement something of the like.


last post's comment by Zeyad triggered a train of thoughts in my ADD-addled brain.
(i believe i do have some form of Attention Deficit Disorder):

PLEASE, PEOPLE, this blog was never intended to be FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.
i mean, just read the freaking header:

"At last. At Laaaaaast. AT LAST I CAN UNLEASH MY TWISTED F***ED-UP MIND ON THE POOR UNSUSPECTING WORLD! MWA HA HA HA HA.. yeah whatever. take a look around, you might actually like some of whats in here!. Ta."

there you have it. :) I really meant it. honest.

/* too lazy to configure Jscript code, also, i'm not THAT aggressive to block the whole site, so i implemented an IP address comment blocker-for dummies- via HALOSCAN. remember the "disgruntled" bugger a dozen crappy posts back?
too bad i didn't have a specific IP address, so i went and blocked his entire range.
i just hope i got it right.. but then again i have a feeling this will sort itself out. */


Join the Vote! Please?

this is a stolen post off of KyuBei @ Five Rings



The following post is a survey that the next post will depend on. It contains simple questionnaire about an ordinary situation that has occurred to almost everyone of so I hope that u’ll be kind enough to spare some of your time and answer the questions given by pointing to the choice that u most likely to do in your ordinary life and I’m already thankful for your kindness…

You have a very important meeting with some officials (let’s say that your career depends on the outcome of this meeting) and it is a meeting that u definitely don’t want to mess up.

1.The meetings has been assigned three days from now so u will:

A- Focus only on the subject u r going to propose and make sure u r going to cove all points.
B- Try to collect information about the people u r going to meet up with their likings and dislikings week points and strong points.
C- After minor preparations for what u r going to say u decide that u’ll depend on your wit in this and see how things goes.

2.After doing all the required preparations for the meetings u found out that u have an extra five hours before the meetings so u will:

A-Sit back and relax may be get some sleep.
B-Perform a second check on what u r going to say and search thoroughly for pints that u may have missed.
C-Start thinking how things could get wrong and worry about that.

3.You r going to get dressed up for the meeting so u will:

A-Dress up casual in cloths that is comfortable for u.
B-Put on your fancy 10000$ suit.
C-Put on something neither too fancy nor informal.

4.Before the meeting u will:

A-Worry your ass off thinking of everything to go wrong.

B-Convince yourself that your request would be rejected in order not to be upset if it did.

C-Convince yourself that it is a peace of cake and that u know for sure that your request will be accepted.

5.You r now in the meeting room and the people u r going to meet haven’t shown up yet and u noticed that the chair u r going to sit on has a defect that made it lower than other chairs so u will:

A-Quickly change the chair before they enter the room.
B-U will pay no attention for such a trivial matter and focus on more important things.
C-U won’t risk being seen changing the chair so u’ll wait till they enter the room and when u sit u will point at the defect in your chair and u’ll change it then.

6.After an hour of tiring arguments they mention a week point in your proposal that u haven’t thought off so u will:

A-Acknowledge how sharp they r and tell them that it may have some week points but they overall benefits is satisfactory.
B-You’ll get confused and say that u haven’t thought of that.
C-You’ll act cool and point at another strong point in your proposal that is relevant to what they said then u tell them to think about it while u go to the bathroom where u r going to find a suitable answer for their question.

7.You think that your performance in the meeting is splendid yet they turn u down so u will:

A-Get upset and decide that u’ll quit this job since u suck at it.
B-You’ll study why u were turned down and make use of your errors and start again somewhere else.
C-You’ll say that there is nothing wrong with u and that there must be something wrong with the people in the meeting.

That is all folks and I hope that I didn't bother u and please try to answer with what u think u’ll do not what is better to do since I’m not here to judge anyone and thank u again for your time and effort and may God bless us all…

P.S. for my blogger friends I'll be very grateful if u may spread the word cause I need at least 10 different surveys and thank u for your effort.

<--END COPY please, any comments or answers can be given HERE:

thank you!

Orphaned Land, وطن مدا,Trask - of Blues and Music-

Now,this is a subject in which i find pleasure conversing, no, its Blues, not per se, its:



late last year i was introduced to the Heavy Metal band "Orphaned Land", with their new album Mabool,
a good album, with a funky oriental twist (riiight, funky twist my ass. they ripped off whole songs from '50's egypt. still, it was GOOD listening to them, Heavy Metal style)

the story of me getting the album is funny/stupid:
you see: the local metal shop kept bugging me half dead to get their album, but i kept putting it off for two reasons:
1. i wasn't about to fork over my "dream theater" money, no sir.
2. i wasn't entirely comfortable with the concept. i mean, this was like in the middle of the freaking mess that happened last year, it was the month of Ramadan, Palestinians and Israelis were going toe-to-toe in the streets (this was BEFORE all the stupid in-fighting started) with lots blood and lotsa death. major bad.

so, yeah, i was not completely comfortable with the concept of me listening to an "Israeli" metal band, more like.. 80~90%.

(also, and honestly, the money was a big limiting factor here, if i HAD an extra CD-worth, i'd have gotten it right there)

i remember i told the guy: "now Samir, i promise you, once this mess passes, like all the ones before it, i'll be the first to buy this"

when i returned home, i thought: STOOPID! good music is just that, good MUSIC. no matter who's playing it.
still, being Ramadan and all, i stayed at home, wasting my $s on food and the sorts.
i forget about the subject completely.
BAM! one month later, the mess is all over, and voila, KyuBei comes to Jordan. hm.
so, while being with him at the same shop, Samir starts giving suggestions, and yes, i remember this band, so i tell him about it: (i was buying other things: Andy Timmons Band's Resolution)
he takes a listen, and decides its worth it. he buys the cd :)
later, i take it and "make a backup", for archiving purposes, of course ;)

so anyway, the album was a bit disappointing, standard fare and all that. besides, Heavy Metal is not really/was not really my thing to begin with. i played it for other people, not for me.


in my college graduation party -2003- i played a bit of guitar with two friends, we did a couple of songs: i guess one was a MetallicA song (? God i can't remember! will have to ask KyuBei or someone who has copies of the video.. Fade to Black i guess..oops. its actually Call of Ktulu, playing Hetfield's part :D )

later on, i did a solo rendition of the old Saddam-era national anthem, "Half-assed Hendrix Star-Spangled Banner" style :D

Sadly, the camera-man cut it out of the final version. saying: "you nuts? you want to get us all in trouble?"

i still remember why i learned/played it the way i did: we were out of a war (still are coming out of it, i guess), everyone was going: "its ALL Saddam's fault, We are your new gods, worship us", and i thought it sucked. and WILL SUCK for a LOOOOONG time to come. all the death, the destruction, and the pain that happened and will happen.

so i chose a happy symbol from my younger days:

my elementary school.
every Thursday, we would line up, fresh air, the sun so bright, (but somehow not this scorching!) the national anthem would be played, while an idiot teacher would come over with a rifle and fire three blanks in the air!
(this was mandatory: so we be tough and get used to the sound of bullets, the buggers!)

and we would all sing the national anthem, my friends around me, boys and girls, and when that moment comes, the shots are going to be fired, our voices would start faltering, some are already flinching, some girls closing their ears, its coming, we don't know when, we are all tense and expecting, then
and Oh God, how sweet is the flood of relief that washes over us after that, knowing that its thursday, and come hell or high water, its only 4 more hours until the weekend!
(thursday's schedule was from 8am -12 pm, half a day!)

those were some of the happiest days of my life, naturally, being a child, with no worries.
sometimes i guess i still am. :)

so, screw everyone who thinks everything in the past was bad and needed "throwing out",
screw anyone who cares about ONE iraqi politician almost killed, and forgets MILLIONS who are in a world of shit.
AND screw everyone seeking to divide the school, the city, the country i grew up in.

but, that's just me. a big child with big childish ideas of how the world should be.
and that, is why i chose the old Anthem.


back to Trask: an Israeli band, formed in 2002, Blues, GOOD. REAL GOOD.
came across them via Bill, thank you, again! :)
check them out, NOW! (if you happen to like Blues, that is.. and for the rest of you, you don't know what you're missing)

i leave you with Stormy Monday: nothing better to finish this post with.

WTF???? + WTF???? pt.2

Originally posted by SamHarber @

"NMA - Necromantic Martial Arts

Discover the 7000 year old secrets of this startling Babylonian art, now available by mail order.

Become immune to teh Dim Mak death touch

Resist all pressure points strikes

Be able to carry on fighting even with broken limbs and missing body parts

never be afraid of glass or Lava on the street ever again.

Guarenteed to be the most effective reality based fighting style you'll ever need.
Physical fitness is not required, nor are long hours of study needed. Just quote the appropriate spells from our Tome Of Power (tm) to transform your body into an unstoppable unliving death dealing machine.

People under 16 should obtain their parents or guardians permission before ordering."

[The Black Knight, Anyone?]

i found this as-is.
i did not alter anything in any way except insert spacings to accomodate myself (whatitscalled? Astigmatism, or something like that, anyway, oh, and added the picture/visual aid, too)

seriously, i'll be back soon with a real post.


Total and Utter Piece of Trash:

I REALLY REALLY want one of these!

not much details on the where and how much, i've looked almost everywhere for it and i'll keep looking.

either that or i'll be forced to build my own one day :))

this is the best-looking computer case i've seen in so many years!

300?! 200!!

i want to see the movie 300.

300 is the shit.

Frank Miller is the shit.

this is my 200th post.
instead of commemorating it by doing something special, i decided to do it the usual way (i.e. put up a post that's full of shit)

i'm just out of surgery and back home, and like Whistler quoted in Blade II:
"i feel like hammered shit"

i will go rest now.

oh and btw, PrideFC is the shit as well.

REDUCED IMAGE SIZE: 230 kB approx. :) No reason for you not to get it now :)

The Best of the Best:

No. this is not a movie review. i wouldn't touch THAT movie (or its sequals) with a 10-metre stick if my life depended on it.

this is about Martial Arts. again.
this is a post that's been inside my head for soooo many months, its release was finally triggered just a few minutes ago, by the SoBster, in his Bruce Lee comment.

ahem. here we go:

ok, so who IS the best?

definitely NOT Bruce Lee.
he was ok, v.good, but not kick-ass. that would be one of the guys below.

(kick-ass = in my book, it means end-all and be-all. no.1 all the way baby, no excuses, no holding back. Maybe others have other definitions)

this is not a very simple question as it appears to be, and as a result, the answer will be complex and long-winded.


Being the best, is clearly being no.1, no ties or runner-ups.
Also, it also implies being the best all round fighter in the world, not just in an individual art.
this is sadly not the case, because we are only human (see exceptions below) and have our limitations and weaknesses. few have broken this rule: i know of three such people, and i believe there may be a few more.

1. Musashi Miyamoto.
Nuff said.
i will not write anything regarding his life or works because whatever i may write, it will come up short. i believe my friend KyuBei have researched this much better than me.

2. Masutatsu Oyama (Don't be a fanboy and believe all the legendary hype surrounding him, nor trust blindly the words of Jon Bluming&co.)

Sosai Oyama (1923-1994) was a Korean who moved to Japan, and studied Martial Arts proper. he did so many feats that are accredited by his critics before his supporters. such acts are stuff of legend. i will cite only one, verified by master Jon Bluming in his website, Sensei Bluming is the #1 Oyama critic, and one of his former star students:

"A fight never lasted more than three minutes, and most rarely lasted more than a few seconds. His fighting principle was simple — if he got through to you, that was it.

If he hit you, you broke. If you blocked a rib punch, you arm was broken or dislocated. If you didn't block, your rib was broken. He became known as the Godhand, a living manifestation of the maxim -Ichi geki, Hissatsu- or "One strike, certain death". To him, this was the true aim of technique in karate. The fancy footwork and intricate techniques were secondary (though he was also known for the power of his head kicks).

3. Fedor Emelianenko

born 1976.
Fedor has been considered the best heavyweight fighter in the world for the last three years by virtually all major Mixed Martial Arts publications: (1)
, (2)

i really don't want to talk more about him because he has a big fight coming one month from now and i don't want to jinx him. (silly, but we all have some kind of superstition)

once i was asked who in the world of Fighting today (Kyokushin included) would win over Fedor, i believe in my answer still, when i said:
"No-One. .. but if he was there when Oyama was still alive and in his prime, its about 70-30 in Oyama's favor."

i believe these three are in a league of their own. there will be just One Musashi, One Oyama and One Fedor.
You have been warned.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

This is a dream come true for fans of SF and MK, and i dare say these are two of the best flash movies available.

Part 1:
Ken vs. Raiden

DL link:
SIZE: 3.99 MEGS.

Part 2:
Ryu vs. Scorpion

DL link:
SIZE: 5.26 MEGS.

Maha Geri / Sankoku (Triangle) / Brazilian Kick

WARNING: this is a non-mainstream post: do not read if you think martial arts are stupid.

Having nothing better to do till Thursday (managed to finish off the remainder of the less-serious dental work) i sat down to watch re-runs of yesterday's movies:
Click, and suddenly Blade II is onscreen.
having seen it for the nth time, i decided to flip somewhere else, however, a fight scene came up, and since i love to point out the silly points of all martial arts movies, Hollywood esp. i decided to keep watching, something good might come out of it. (and surprisingly i don't remember disecting this particular movie, despite the million or so viewings)

now, i'm not very fond of martial arts in movies, in fact, as a general rule i HATE them, because they show a totally different picture from what real fighting is like. (there is a handful of movies that defies this rule, however, and in the end i will point them out)

surprisingly, i found only one or two worth mentioning.

Other than having stupidly-silly "superhuman" power, Blade's fighting style was good.
everything was solid, none of them chuck norris-style kicks, or bruce lee's bouncy stance.

the fighting style itself is a hybrid of a few arts:
i recognized Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Muay-Thai, Full Contact Karate, a little Tai Qi, and some Pro Wrestling thrown in as well.

nice. it would've been nicer if not for the stupid super powers. or if the movie itself had a script.

one move i'm yet to see in ANY martial arts movie, is the Brazilian Kick. (Triangle, in Iraq)
despite its effectiveness, esp in getting past defenses and knocking the opponent's teeth out, AND in its unorthodox trajectory en route to the face, it is VERY unknown compared to the other kicks made famous in crappy martial arts movies.

i'm proud to announce that after a few years of trying it out, i'm finally able to do it properly with my left foot. the right still needs a few more weeks/months.

this kick was called the Sankoku (Triangle) cuz of the triangle-shaped movement the leg has to pass thru before landing successfully, it is one of the more complex kicks to be learned in any martial art, and i am proud to say it is NATIVE to MY school. :)
it was named the Brazilian Kick due to so many Brazilian fighters making it popular, esp. Filho and Feitosa.
Muay Thai guys copied it off us, some call it Kyokushin Kick, while others use Brazilian Kick as a name..
even TaeKwonDo guys are attempting it nowadays, calling it Thai kick or something like that!

explaining it with words wouldn't make it any more clear, so i will leave you with this incredible highlight of Sensei Glaube Feitosa, Brazilian Kicker extraordinaire!

Feitosa video:

the Filho vs. Andy video:


After two months of dull pain on the left side of my face, i finally gave up and decided to go do that root canal i've been putting off.
he found some other issues i've been keeping to myself as well.

i think i should've told the doctor my blood doesn't coagulate very quickly. and should've told him that BEFORE he decided to pull out one of my wisdom teeth.
(i'm not hemophiliac thank God, i just take longer than usual to stop bleeding, so when i have surgeries -and i had a couple- i am usually given some drugs to "thicken" my blood)

correction on Fightclub: you CAN swallow more than two pints of blood before you get sick. the trick is to take it over the course of 24 hours, not instantaneously.

i still have the other 3 to take care of, that will be next weekend, i hope, as this would require surgery and other crap. (they are "horizontally extended" and are affecting the teeth next to them)

it sucks when you brush your teeth three times a day yet still you have to get root canals.
i have overall good bone density/structure, why did my teeth have to be so "soft"? (as the dentist would say)

well, there's a reason for everything.. maybe this is life's way of telling me to stop training for a few days? hm.

Still, God bless Dentists. and Brufen.

anyway, sorry for this hasty post, i'll post again sometime next week i think.

Nigerian Money Scam:

Now, you should have heard about this already, it was on 20/20 some time ago, also featured on Yahoo! and some other media outlets: (just search for Nigeria, Money)

this is your basic scam where someone (originally from Nigeria) emails you asking for a little money, directly or indirectly, in return for vast fortunes (millions of $$s, blood diamonds, and any other legal/illegal currency in the world)

of all the cliched spam clones i got in 3 years, two stood out:

one claiming to be from a former general in Saddam's army, charged with smuggling billions of dollars in GOLD and U$D out of iraq, and needs an outside contact with a little money to fund the operation (this was made into a movie, right?)

and the other i received just few minutes ago, written with such detail and effort, i thought it was worth sharing: (also somehow it bypassed the 3 spam filters i have on guard, and landed in my inbox)

so, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, i hereby give you the Guinea Bissau-Benin Scam:


from Victorine J. Guelly Ch (Mrs)
Lot 255 Missebor
Cotonou, Benin Rep
West Africa.
Email: VictorineguellyATSifyDOTCom

Dear Sir,

This Is Mrs. Victorine J. Guelly Ch ,The Wife Of Late Laurent Hubert Guelly, Former Minister Of Defence And Chief Of Army Staff Of The Republic Of Guinea Bissau, West Africa , In The Defunct Government Of Frank Mbatha.

My Husband Died During The Last Coup, Which Deposed The Former Head Of State, Now Leaving Me A Widow. At The Wake Of This Occurrence, I Fled Together With My Only Child To Benin Republic And Took Refuge To Avoid Further Oppression From The Incumbent Government Who Have Seized All My Family Property And Seized All Accounts Belonging To My Husband And Other Ministers Who Died Along The Line.

Due To This Unfortunate Situation To My Life, I Am Now Desperately Searching For A Reliable And Honest Partner In Your Person To Assist Me In Receiving As Quickly As Possible, The Sum Of Eleven Million United States Dollars Only (Us$11,000,000.00) Which Is The Only Money That Is Still Safe And Intact Deposited By My Late Husband In My Own Name In A Finance Firm In Benin Republic And On My Behalf Too As His Trusted And Loving Wife. Deposit Evidence Is With The Lawyer In Benin Rep.

I Am Therefore Earnestly Requesting Your Kind Assistance To Receive This Fund In Your Country, For Safety. I Have Solidified Every Arrangement To Prepare Legal Documents At The High Court Of Justice Benin Rep Here And The Finance Firm Where The Fund Is Presently Deposited, Making You The Trustee And Beneficiary Of This Fund For A Hitch Free Withdrawal At Your Bank.

If I Will Get Your Positive Response To This Earnest Plea, As We Meet In Due Course, We Shall Be Discussing Further On Other Important Issues Regarding Mutual Business Relationship And Possibility Of Securing A Resident-Permit For Me And My Only Male Child, In Your Country.

I Am Not Comfortable Staying Here In Benin Republic Due To Security Reasons As My Life Is At Risk. I Must Confess That I Repose Much Hope And Trust In You, Assisting Me Out Of This Ugly Situation. Dear, I Am Earnestly Willing To Compensate Your Kind Efforts And Co-Operation In Assisting Me And My Kid With 30% Of The Total Sum, Which Is ($3,300.000.00), If You Can Offer Me This Unforgettable Assistance. Please Be Informed That I Am Contacting You Based On Trust And I Know You Will Not Fail Me. Please Do Not Disappoint Me, Your Security And Reputation Is Highly Guaranteed; Absolute Confidentiality
Should Also Be Adhered To.
Please! Please! I Pray Your Urgent Assistance.
Contact Me Immediately If You Are Willing To Offer Me This Help.

Please Send To Me Your Full Name, Address And Private Phone Numbers, To My Private Box VictorineguellyATSifyDOTCom So That We Can Proceed Immediately With The Change Of Legal Documents That Covers This Transaction.
The High Court Of Justice Of Benin Republic For Your Assurance And Utmost Guarantee Would
Cover This Transaction.

Please Help Me! This Is Legal And Hitch Free.

Waiting To Hear From You Soonest Remain Blessed.

Your's Sincerely,
Victorine J. Guelly Ch (Mrs)


Don't you just love it?
The Damsel-in-Distress/Pirates of the Caribbean story,
The flowing (yet inconsistent at times) style,
The precise legal wording,
The Capitalizing Of Each Word?

Grinning from ear to ear I am, also holding many other emotions regarding the poor soul who wrote this.
I just might feel with him, he most probably is doing this out of poverty (and the profiteering-from-idiots rush)
i said i just might.

however, i have nothing but utter and absolute contempt for any sub-human thing who falls for this sort of crap.
and believe me, there are many, MANY morons doing this. in all walks of life.

they are wasting the oxygen I should be breathing.

and don't anyone dare try to argue in favor of the donkeys who believe it.

this is not the post i promised earlier, i haven't thought it out yet.

THIS is a really funny piece about a guy who actually had patience and interest to write back:

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Since my next post isn't exactly ready for publishing (more accurately: i haven't even thought it out yet) i decided to leave you with this little article i found yesterday.

Some scientists liken creating a humanoid robot to putting a man on the moon. Roger Highfield discovers that one day they may even have sex.

that got your attention, right?
now, i won't trouble all of you who do not have the drive or the curiosity to update their information regarding robotics (and whom will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes)
the rest will have to make do with the link above.